Our local and global clients understand the importance of a competitive workforce, thereby partnering with the American Institute for English Proficiency to upgrade the English and communication skills of their employees.  We tailor our courses to a companies specific need and bring their employees to an international standard.  We have partnered with numerous multi-national corporations with success, and we continue to innovate to meet company demands.

Corporate Training Program


For your convenience, we can conduct a tailored corporate program and training at your facility any time of the day and week.  First, let us schedule a meeting with you so that we can discuss the specific modules your employees would need.


If you prefer that your employees take courses at our facility, we can conduct all training programs at our Makati or Quezon City branch any time of the day and week.  We can accommodate up to 30 participants at each branch.


For your convenience, we can conduct the corporate program training at your office and also at our office so that they can experience training out of their comfort zones.  All we need is your schedule, and we’re set.


We can merge your employees with our ongoing group sessions in Makati or Quezon City.  Your employees can interact with other employees from other companies, which brings them out of their comfort zone to learn more.


American International Group, Inc.


GMA Artist Center

ABS-CBN Star Magic


Global City Innovative College

International Standards with English and Communication Excellence Workshop

University of Baguio

English, Communication Skills, and IELTS for Nurses. We also gave away several scholarships.

Mapua Institute of Technology

Effective Communication and Interview Strategies Workshop

St. Mary’s University

Communication Excellence and Interview Strategies Seminar

St. Paul University

Communication Excellence, Public Speaking, and Leadership Training