This Digital Marketing Certification Course is offered by our training partner, Onion Head Direct, in partnership with the American Institute for English Proficiency.  As the leader in English and communication skills training, the American Institute continues to provide access to various training programs, such as digital internet marketing, that will help our students and community at large improve their skills for their career development.

In a changing market, the traditional marketer or even a digital marketer can no longer rely on old or traditional methods to keep up with an ever growing competition.  To be able to stay relevant and profitable, companies prefer competent marketers with diverse skills in internet marketing, research, sales, editing, copywriting, analytics, and creative direction.  Unfortunately, experience isn’t always enough because of the dynamic nature of the internet, the world wide web, and digital media.

Specialized training has become a must to keep your digital internet marketing skills on the cutting edge.

The program will cover various aspects of modern digital marketing, and the focus topic is on crowdfunding, which is the practice of funding a project (products and services) or a venture (company) by raising funds (usually small amounts of money) from people, usually through the internet.



Digital Marketing Specialist and Trainer: Don Baker

Don Baker is the founder of Onion Head Direct, a sales and marketing corporation specializing in digital marketing, with a niche in crowdfunding.  Here are some of his accomplishments:

  • Produced over 500 television commercials internationally
  • Generated over 1 BILLION in USD sales through various marketing channels
  • Written for Fox TV Show Wake Rattle and Roll
  • Worked for Fox Reality TV Show COPS (the first reality show and has been on TV for 29 years)
  • Mailed over 25 Million pieces of mail in direct marketing
  • Works in the following marketing channels: TV, Home Shopping, Print, Direct Mail, Telemarketing, Web Marketing, Crowd Funding
  • Consults for International clients in Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, UK, and USA
  • Owner of four international marketing companies including in the Philippines
  • Keynote speaker at Daven Michael’s Mastery Retreats
  • Partners with Hong Kong Trade Development Council and speaks at their Trade Shows on Emerging Markets in the USA


Don Baker has helped numerous companies successfully grow revenue streams by expanding their product line and base of operations. His current focus is centered in the crowd funding area, where he is launching a company aimed at acquiring and distributing innovative items such as new gadgets, devices, and technology related products. After raising money on crowd funding, these products will then be introduced to the American market through TV commercials, on-line shopping and Retail stores.

Currently Mr. Baker consults for several companies where his duties include product development and implementation of marketing strategies to increase revenue. His current consulting assignments have taken him recently to China, Thailand, and the Philippines to source product and to develop international business relations.

During his career, he has orchestrated several of the most profitable and largest Direct Response hits in recent television history, including the legendary Jerry Springer Too Hot For TV Videos, The Colorized American Eagle Silver Dollar, and The Colorized State Quarters with Map Displays. As head of several innovative and entrepreneurial Direct Marketing companies, Mr. Baker has employed numerous direct marketing channels to build business.

At one of these companies, a collectible coin enterprise, Mr. Baker successfully implemented DRTV, direct mail, internet marketing and outbound telemarketing to increase company revenues from a steady $20 million annually to a remarkable $150 million in less than 2 years while building a data base of 2.6 million customers.

Prior to that, Mr. Baker managed the mega- hit Jerry Springer Too Hot Campaign which generated not only a staggering $67 million in sales, but helped turn Jerry Springer into a household celebrity by raising his ratings from 3 to 8 million nightly viewers in less than five months. This increase in ratings is testimony to the incredible power of DRTV commercials in building brand recognition while selling goods directly to the consumer.

Mr. Baker’s product sales have grossed more than 900 million USD through all forms of distribution.

During Mr. Baker’s early entertainment career he created and managed seven different fulfillment and distribution centers for international companies like Paramount Pictures, Technicolor, Teleflora and The Franklin Mint. This unique combination of operational abilities and creative marketing abilities combine to make Mr. Baker a successful planner and creator of product marketing campaigns.

With a Journalism degree from University of Oregon, Mr. Baker has used his writing skills for several newspapers and TV scripts, which have been produced for the Fox TV show Wake Rattle and Roll. He has worked for the long running TV show COPS on two different occasions as Vice President of Direct Marketing. His first novel, a Beatles inspired mystery called HEY JUDE will be published in April by Odyssey Books.



Why You Should Join this Course

Real-time Practicum with Products

This digital marketing certification course offers a real-time practicum.  What does this mean to you?  Instead of heavy theory-based lessons, you will be immediately thrust into actual digital marketing activities for products and services already on the market or about to hit the market.  As an apprentice, you will experience similar to an on-the-job training.  Unlike most certification courses that relies solely on theory, this course will provide you hands on internet marketing under the guidance of the trainer and senior digital marketing consultants.

Improve Corporate Marketing Strategies

In a highly competitive world, companies are turning to digital marketing consultants and agencies to improve their sales volume, which can be very expensive.  Therefore, it is essential that companies train their sales and marketing team to increase productivity while avoiding costs and expenses.  In this course, you will learn extensive skill sets in digital marketing that will help you to find new and creative ways to boost your company’s sales and profits, which leads to promotions and higher compensation.

Start your Own Digital Marketing Business

Because the course involves real-time practicum, you will know first-hand how to run your own digital marketing campaigns.  You will experience successes and failures in implementing different digital marketing strategies, which will allow you to gain perspective in running your own digital marketing business as an entrepreneur or as a consultant.  You will learn how to find your own product and services to market digitally, or if you already have something in mind, you would be able to implement the lessons into building your own successful online business.


January 24, 25, 26, 30, 316pm – 9pmAIEP Office
T/Th or MWF6pm – 8pmOnline Meeting via Skype

NOTE: This is not a one-day workshop.  It is an intensive four-month long practicum where you will be going through an apprenticeship.  After the live classroom sessions, Mr. Don Baker will be conducting successive training online via Skype as he will be returning to the US on February 1st.  The schedule online will either be Tuesday/Thursday or Monday/Wednesday/Friday (6pm-8pm).

Furthermore, Mr. Baker will have his senior digital marketing consultants from Onion Head Direct, Philippines conduct some parts of the training or provide mentorship to track progress which will be conducted in the classroom or via Skype.

Digital Marketing CertificationPhp 19,995Php 4,995

NOTE: Successful completion of course by completing all assignments and attending 90% of the sessions on Skype will entitle you to your choice of tuition rebate of Php 5,000 or Php 10,000 worth of English proficiency classes with The American Institute.  Your total cost including tuition fee, admin fee, taxes, and material is only Php 4,995, our special introductory rate.

This investment is indeed a steal considering the benefits: 1) international trainer with corporate and entrepreneurial success, 2) intensive apprenticeship and practicum instead of lecture and theory, 3) extended program instead of one-day theoretical workshop, 4) integrated learning experience via classroom and online, and 5) small class size to maximize learning.


  1. What is the guarantee that this training program will work for me?  Even a college or university would not guarantee an individual any kind of success.  What this program guarantees, however, is that the trainer has an extensive experience in the industry and as a founder of four sales and marketing companies, one of which is here in the Philippines, directly involved in digital marketing.  If the participant is focused and determined, the program will provide all the necessary tools to succeed.
  2. Why is this program so cheap?  We like to say it’s affordable.  We realize that Filipinos, unlike Americans have a different capacity to pay for training, so we want to make sure that it is within budget.  Should the trainer continue with a second batch, the program will no longer be offered at an introductory rate.
  3. What if I miss some of the training sessions?  You will be allowed to miss sessions, but please take note that if you miss more than 10% of the 100-hour training sessions, you will not longer be qualified for a rebate.  You will still need to accomplish the assignments so that you can easily transition to the next lessons and activities.
  4. What if my schedule changes and I can no longer attend the training sessions?  Can I get a refund?  It takes time, effort, and financial resources to organize and conduct training.  Therefore, there is no refund whatsoever.
  5. Why are we focusing on crowdfunding?  The expertise of the trainer is in sales and marketing, but he has recently been largely involved in crowdfunding as this new market is emerging and continues to grow exponentially.  Despite the niche, participants will be learning digital marketing skills that are very much transferable to other industries.  You will be able to use your newfound or enhanced skills to digitally market your company’s products and services.  Furthermore, you will learn how to take your own product and service to launch your own online/internet business using the skills you learned from this program.  What is great about this program is that you will learn how to source your own product and develop a crowdfunding campaign or strategy and become an online entrepreneur.  If you choose not to go this route, you can still apply the skills you learned for the benefit of your company.
  6. Is there a next batch?  Since the trainer is from the United States, we are still unsure about his schedule.  We do hope that we can continue to provide this Digital Marketing Certification Program.
  7. Who can join this program?  We highly recommend that individuals who are (or want to be) in a position to help a company’s growth through sales and marketing join this program.  Furthermore, entrepreneurs and business owners who want to learn how to increase their profits through the internet should take this course.  Lastly, individuals who are looking to start their own business online, whether through their own products and services or sourced crowdfunding item should take part in this course.


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