English and Communication Excellence Workshop for Kids


My daughter Khysnerr has learned so much in just one summer. ‚ AIEP brought out more of her confidence. ‚ I was impressed when your team was able to help her accomplish an impromptu speech for five minutes.

~Jhana Ayo


Dianne has achieved so much in high school. She finished junior high school as valedictorian and won several contests in English in the division of Manila and first place in the spelling contest. Her training at AIEP played a lot in her development.

~Bernadette de Guzman


* Grammar and Writing
* Conversation Fluency
* Critical Thinking
* Creative Thinking
* Personality Development
* Public Speaking
* American Accent
* Confidence Building

SCHEDULE: (20 hours, 10am – 12pm or 6pm – 8pm, Monday to Friday.  Contact us for specific schedule.)
AGE GROUP: 9 – 15 years old (Contact us for children 8 – 9 years old)
HOW MUCH? Only Php 7,995 per participant, inclusive of a 20-hour LIVE ONLINE session, 20-hour self-study session (assignments and worksheets).

Day 1 – Parts of Speech
Day 2 – Clauses, Conjunctions and Types of Sentences 1
Day 3 – Types of Sentences 2, Phrases, Subject-Verb Agreement, Prepositions
Day 4 – Verb Tenses
Day 5 – Intro to 5 Elements, Focus on Introduction
Day 6 – Body and Conclusion
Day 7 – Speech practice – Five-member groups
Day 8 – Speech practice – Paired
Day 9 – American accent
Day 10 – Speech and Presentation, Individual

Give your loved ones a head start. Improve their confidence, and watch them soar.

“Students with ineffective listening skills fail to absorb much of the material to which they are exposed. Their problems are intensified when they respond incorrectly or inappropriately because of poor speaking skills.” ~National Communication Association study on why communication is important.

Every child has exceptional potential. Sometimes, they cannot achieve their potential because of social, cultural, and financial circumstances.  With English and communication skills, we can arm our children to be better prepared for their future.  Now is the time to help our loved ones UNLOCK their true potential.

We are inviting parents, grandparents, cousins, brothers, sisters, uncles, and aunts to encourage their younger loved ones to improve their English and communication skills, which are crucial to success in this era of globalization.  Due to the advancement of technology and internationalization, our children should have the edge against their competitors, and English and communication skills will give them that advantage.

Make no mistake; this is not just your typical English class for children.  Our modules include creative and critical thinking, two skills that will help them engage more effectively and analytically.

Though most of our clients are working professionals who are already working in different fields and looking to augment their skills or travel abroad, we also invite the youth who want to get a headstart or simply trying to build their confidence through English and communication skills development.

Oh, and one more thing: our methodology includes highly interactive modules and activities, so don’t worry, your children will surely enjoy a unique and engaging learning experience.

Due to the “new normal” brought by the pandemic, we have enhanced our children’s program through distance learning online powered by Zoom.  We have been able to replicate our the face-to-face classroom experience online, making use of technology that allows us to have a dynamic and engaging classroom experience.