Chris Delacruz is one of the people I truly admire. In the 3 months I’ve had Chris as my boss, there is no doubt that I have learned so much more than what I did in some of the companies I previously worked with. Chris teaches not only English, but also lessons that are useful not just in one’s career development, but in all other aspects of life. Here are the 3 best lessons I’ve learned so far (I say so far because I am sure that I will be gaining more lessons):

First is the importance of having confidence. A lot of people know what confidence means but not everyone knows what true confidence is and the advantages it brings to a person who has it. Confidence is not only about being able to walk on stage with a straight back or being able to speak with a loud voice when faced with a crowd. Being confident means having the courage to take risks and learning from whatever the outcome is. Confidence empowers people and helps them achieve goals no matter how difficult it may seem.

Confidence needs courage and substance, and in order to have substance, one must also learn how to think critically. When I was in college, I had a “Critical Thinking” subject. I took it for granted because its value was never explained to me.

It was only when I started working AIEP and training under Chris that I realized what the importance of critical thinking is! Because of that, I’ve been trying to understand situations better and evaluating whatever information I obtain before acting on them or accepting them. Indeed, this has transformed my way of thinking.

Last but not the least is the value of grit. This, for me, outweighs everything. Grit is not a word commonly passed around or used in conversations.

In fact, I was only reminded that this word existed when Chris mentioned it in one of our training sessions and because of that, I’m sure that I would never forget that word again.

Grit is being able to persevere no matter how difficult a situation gets just so you could reach your goal. Grit is not giving up and never losing the drive to keep going. When a person stops because of failure, that’s where the learning stops as well. But if you have grit and you choose to stand up no matter how many times you’ve fallen and learn from your mistakes, the lessons and experiences you gain become infinite, and your growth becomes limitless.

These three lessons are ones I know I would take with me for life and even pass on to my students and future children. Chris is effective, inspiring, and admirable. There is no doubt that anyone who listens to him would gain lessons that will be remembered through time.