1. April 1, 2018, 6pm: CLASS CANCELLATION.  To cancel a class, you must send an email to helpdesk@aiepro.org by 7pm at least the day before your scheduled class.  Otherwise, the hours will be considered consumed or used.
  2. June 26, 2018, 2pm: CERTIFICATES.  AIEP will only issue a Certificate of Enrollment that will indicate the course, course description, enrollment dates, number of hours enrolled, and number of hours completed.  AIEP will not issue a Certificate of Completion or a Certificate of Achievement.  The certificate is not a diploma, and it only acknowledges the student’s enrollment and course information.
  3. July 26, 2021, 7pm: Due to the pandemic, we have added new guides for our LEO: Learn English Online programs, while still adhering to the other general guidelines that apply to both LEO and F2F: Face-to-Face programs.
  4. November 12, 2021, 4pm: Some minor updates, including possible 3rd Specialist for MyCourse or private classes and official profile photo via Zoom.


Welcome and thank you for choosing the American Institute for English Proficiency as your partner and provider for English and communication skills training. Our goal is simple: to provide you the best possible learning experience with quality education and high standards. This AIEP Student Handbook will help you get the most out of your time here at The American Institute.  Therefore, before you start your course, you must completely and thoroughly read this handbook.

Further, you must type (or copy and paste) this note in the comment section of this page:

I have read and understood the terms and conditions as well as the guidelines enumerated in the AIEP Student Handbook.  I shall not ask AIEP and its staff to deviate from the policies listed in this handbook as all policies are applied to everyone and not one single person.

Table of Contents                                            

I.     Contact Information/Hotlines
II.   About the American Institute for English Proficiency (AIEP)
III.  Message from the Founders of AIEP
IV.  Policies and Procedures

  1. Enrollment / Refund / Transfer Policies
  2. Attendance and 15-minute Grace Period Policies
  3. Student Attendance Confirmation Policies
  4. ID and Lanyards Policies
  5. Dress Code: Attire and Groom Policies
  6. English Only Policy
  7. Courtesy Policy
  8. Anti-Discrimination Policy
  9. Class Decorum
  10. Certificate/Assignments
  11. AIEP Events
  12. Media Notification/Announcements


American Institute for English Proficiency

When contacting the school and inquiring about your status (schedule, hours, events), please use the following contact information.

Makati: Ascott Hotel Makati, Suite 705, Glorietta Center
Landline: 02-8651-6572 or 02-8651-6618
Cellphone: 0917-137-9695 or 0917-701-9520
For urgent matters: 0917-850-3456
Email: helpdesk@aiepro.org

Quezon City: 131 Timog Avenue, 3rd Floor
Landline: 02-8651-6572 or 02-8651-6618
Cellphone: 0917-137-9695 or 0917-701-9520
For urgent matters: 0917-850-3456
Email: helpdesk@aiepro.org

Managing Partner: Chris Delacruz
Managing Partner: Paulo Magbuhos
Specialists: Chris Delacruz, Paulo Magbuhos, Vaughn Garcia, Angelo Lantaco, Diego Briones
Executive Assistant: Dianne Fabro
Marketing Specialist: Mariel Ramos
Facilities Assistant: Jess Bautista


Welcome to the American Institute for English Proficiency, the Filipino’s and international students’ choice for professional and personal development. Established on January 21, 2007, AIEP (AIEPRO or The American Institute), with branches in Makati and Quezon City, has been assisting individuals develop confidence and competitiveness through English and communication skills training. We have also partnered with various local and international corporations to help improve and refine their employee’s English and communication skills.

MISSION: The American Institute for English Proficiency is committed to providing a stimulating, innovative, and superior quality educational environment, focusing on English proficiency, communications, critical thinking, and confidence building, and thereby empowering all of our students and teachers alike to become highly influential individuals capable of making great contributions to society.

VISION: The American Institute for English Proficiency will become the best international educational institution for English language learning, focusing on the growth and development of both internal and external customers through innovation, integrity, and empowerment.

VALUES: Ethics, Education, and Empowerment


To our new students and clients:

We appreciate your interest in the American Institute for English Proficiency, the premier center for English language training and career development in the Philippines.

In this era of globalization, The American Institute, since it’s founding on January 21, 2007, is committed to promoting and furthering English communication skills beyond the usual standards. Through our modern and dynamic training approach, we help augment skills that allow individuals to become competitive in their respective fields.

Any school can teach a student to memorize and repeat, but at The American Institute, we go beyond that by training students to communicate effectively using critical thinking. Student speeches and presentations are analyzed and critiqued on the spot. In essence, we teach individuals not merely to speak English, but to speak well. Furthermore, our school provides an environment conducive to the development of your English proficiency as we provide cultural activities such as trips, parties, volunteer work, and the book club. which make your English learning experience a holistic one. We firmly believe that learning English should be beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Whether you join us for your personal or professional development, our Institute is dedicated to your complete satisfaction. We take pride in providing the best courses and modern methods that directly improve your own or your employeesʼ confidence, critical thinking, and conversation fluency. We can even customize a course to meet specific individual or corporate goals.Our Specialists are carefully chosen for their extensive backgrounds in English language training, professional development, and corporate management. From information technology professionals to accountants, from entrepreneurs to English teachers, our students hail from various fields of expertise. At the Institute, we inspire both our Specialists and our students to become socially responsible leaders in their respective civic, corporate, and academic communities. Thus, learning English at The American Institute becomes a lifestyle.

We invite you to browse our website for more information. However, we encourage you to visit us and see for yourself what makes the American Institute for English Proficiency uniquely effective.

Christopher R. Delacruz, Co-founder and General Manager
Paulo Valentino Magbuhos, Co-founder and Operations Manager


The policies and procedures are included in this handbook to assist you by establishing a set of standards. They are created for you to achieve success in your English language proficiency and respectful relationships among fellow students and staff members of AIEP. You are encouraged to be familiar with all policies and procedures included in this handbook.


To register and start your course, we accept A 50% downpayment. The balance shall be paid in full within two weeks of start date, unless the course finishes before the two weeks, in which chase, the balance shall be paid a quarter (25%) through the course.

Adding Courses: If you are adding on a course, you can simply pay for the new course or pay an admin fee of Php 1,000 to use your remaining hours in the new course.

Adding hours: To add hours, the student must simply pay for a new course. During the enrollment process, we encourage all our students to pay for a higher number of hours so that they can take advantage of cost saving.

Transferring from group to private – There are two ways students can do this: a) The student can hold off on the group classes and continue when necessary.  The student can start private classes and resume group classes when he or she is ready.  b) The student can transfer funds and hours to the private class. The amount of funds and hours remaining will be calculated based on the number of hours enrolled in, number of hours consumed, and amount paid. The value will be applied to the cost of the private class. Conversion rate is based on the lowest value of hours offered in group or private class.

Transferring of hours to others: This is strictly prohibited. However, we recommend that the student put the class on hold and can continue at a later date.

Transfer of Class to a Different Branch: Students can attend classes at any corporate branch. To do so, please email us at helpdesk@aiepro.org and inform us the reason why you are transferring and include all the details, such as date, class, and other pertinent information.  Transfer to a non-corporate branch may be allowed for face-to-face classes.

Pending classes due to Student Absences: If a student, who is enrolled in My Course (private or one-on-one), does not show up or is absent for two consecutive days, even with confirmation and request to attend the class, the admin will notify the student of putting a hold on the the student’s one-on-one class and will not be placed on the schedule. The pending class may be activated once the student confirms that he/she is ready to continue classes.  To get final confirmation, the student must request only via email at helpdesk@aiepro.org by 7:00 pm at least 3 days before the class to attend the next class after two consecutive absences. This will help us ensure that you are not letting your hours go to waste.

Request to Transfer Specialist: Upon enrollment, students who are enrolled in private classes will have two Specialists: one will be designated primary and the other will be secondary.  Depending on the length (hours and days) of your program, there may be a third Specialist.  To request a different specialist, other than the two given Specialists, the student must fill up the Request to Transfer Specialist form and provide a valid reason so that we can assist the student as best as we can. The specialist supervisor will discuss the options with the student.  The transfer must be approved by the supervisor and may take 5-7 working days since the schedule of private classes are projected for two weeks.

Enrollment Expiration: All enrollments have an expiration date, which can be found on your ID or on your contract.  If you are unable to complete all your hours during the time period allotted for your hours, you must send us a request to freeze your account via email at helpdesk@aiepro.org.  If you do not have any records of an email request to freeze your account, an administrative fee of Php 1,000 will be applied should you decide to extend your enrollment.  Please note that there are no extensions granted for PROMOS or discounted offers.

Refund of Classes: Students who would like to discontinue may be given a partial refund less Php 1,000 for professional, miscellaneous, and admin fees if the student withdraws within eight (8 ) hours of the first class or session.  There is absolutely no refunds after (8) hours after the end of the first class.  A full refund is given if the student has paid in full and has not yet attended any class within the first seven (7) days of the start date; there will be no refunds given after seven (7) days from the date of start.  No refunds will be given to students enrolled in the promos, special offers, or discounted programs.


Attendance and 15-minute Grace Period Policy


The institute recognizes that there are certain circumstances that may compel students to be late to class. As a result, we will allow a grace period of 15 minutes tardiness. That means that the student must be seated in the classroom (or be logged on online) within 15 minute of  the class start time.  In order to prevent class disruption and ensure efficient facilitation of your classes, no student will be allowed to enter the class after the 15-minute grace period. The student does not need to inform the admin that he or she will be more than 15 minutes late as the student will no longer be allowed to attend the class. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Private class (My Course)

  1. We highly recommend that students enrolled in private classes attend on time so that we can fully maximize their English learning experience.
  2. The student must call the admin within 15 minutes of start time to inform the institute of attendance and lateness. If the student does not show up within the 15-minute grace period without informing the admin, the class is automatically cancelled, and the hours are counted.
  3. If the student, however, informs the admin, the student’s class will continue as soon as he or she arrives.
  4. The class will have no extension of hours. The class must start and end on the original scheduled time. The hours will be counted starting exactly from the original start time, not the time when the student arrives.
  5. Each time a student is late or absent with no-call no-show, the class hours are deducted or considered consumed.
  6. In case a specialist is late after 10 minutes of grace period, the class hours will be counted only upon the time the specialist starts class and will end on the original schedule. No extensions will be made. We will offset the missed minutes for another day.


Student Attendance Confirmation/Cancellation Policy

Attendance Confirmation – Group Class

  1. All group class students must confirm their attendance by 7:00 pm at least the day before their respective classes. (Face-to-face)
  2. Only those who have confirmed their attendance will be allowed to attend class. It is a no confirmation, no class policy. (Face-to-face)
  3. If the student confirmed but did not attend, attendance will be counted against their hours. It is considered consumed hours. (Face-to-face)
  4. Students must confirm their attendance only through the official website: www.aiepro.com. (Face-to-face)

Private Class: To confirm private class, please schedule your classes personally with the admin or marketing specialist, who will provide you a letter of confirmation listing all your private class date and time.

Attendance Cancellation (Face-to-Face)

Group Class: To cancel a group class, so that it doesn’t count as “consumed hours,” the student must send an email to helpdesk@aiepro.org by 7pm at least one day before the schedule.

Private Class: To cancel a private class, simply inform the admin or marketing specialist, who will provide you an updated letter of confirmation listing all your private class date and time.


Wearing ID at AIEP (Face-to-Face)

Due to safety and security reasons, all students, who are enrolled in either group class or private class, are required to wear their AIEP student radio frequency identification card (RFID) around their necks with the official AIEP lanyard/lace. Students will not be allowed to enter AIEP premises nor attend classes if they do not have, or are not wearing, their student ID with the official AIEP lanyard/lace. Students, who brought only their IDs yet did not bring the official AIEP lanyard, will not be allowed to enter AIEP premises nor attend their respective classes.

Biometrics (Face-to-Face)

All students must electronically confirm their presence/attendance by tapping their RFID’s on the BiometricS system twice per class: one for check-in and one for check out.

LEO: Learn English Online Zoom Profile Photo 

All students must display their official online Zoom profile photos.  Students who do not have their official photos displayed on their profile will not be allowed to enter or remain in the class.


Dress Code: Attire and Grooming Policy
(Update for LEO: Learn English Online: Please have a professional appearance for your online classes.)


  1. PANTS: MEN must wear long pants. Shorts and ripped jeans are not allowed.
  2. SHOES: MEN must wear shoes. Flip-flops are definitely not allowed.
  3. SHIRTS: MEN must wear polo or long sleeved shirts with collar. T-shirts are definitely not allowed unless they are wearing long sleeves or jackets over it.
  4. Do not wear caps and sun glasses during classes.
  5. Do not remove footwear, especially during classes.


  1. PANTS: Women are allowed to wear “dress shorts.” Denim shorts and ripped jeans are not allowed.
  2. SHOES: Women must wear shoes or strappy sandals. Beach flip-flops are definitely not allowed.
  3. SKIRTS: Women’s skirts must end with a maximum of 3 inches above the knee.
  4. SHIRTS/TOPS: Women must not excessively reveal cleavage. A good guide is not more than 3 inches below the collar bone. When wearing a camisole with spaghetti strap, wear a scarf or a cardigan.
  5. Do not wear caps and sun glasses during classes.
  6. Do not remove footwear, especially during classes.


All students must practice proper hygiene so as not to distract other students and specialists in class. Keep in mind that all classrooms are designed as an enclosed space with air-conditioning system. Our chairs are made of fabric for comfort which may also absorb unwanted scents and take on dirt. Here are the guidelines for your proper hygene.

  1. You must take a shower thoroughly every time you attend classes.
  2. Wear fresh clean clothes each day. Do not wear the same clothes that were worn the previous day.
  3. Apply anti-perspirant/deodorant before coming to class.
  4. Brush your teeth everyday. We encourage you to rinse your mouth with mouthwash before coming into class.


The American Institute for English Proficiency ensures that all students get the most out of learning the English language through culture and education. Likewise, it is in the best interest of any student of AIEP to follow the English Only Policy. This means all students must communicate with fellow students and staff members only in the English language within the premises of AIEP, during, inside or out of the classes.

FIRST VIOLATION – Verbal warning
SECOND VIOLATION – Yellow card warning
THIRD VIOLATION – Red card: the student will be on probation.
(Definition: Probation – The student will be sent out of the classroom and not be allowed to enter the classroom, or continue to attend classes until approved by a supervisor.)All students will receive warnings as long as they are inside AIEP premises whether inside any rooms (during and in between classes), or outside the classrooms (waiting area, stairway, water cooler, etc.)

Students who continue to violate this policy will be put on probation and will only be allowed to resume classes after due process and resolution. To resume class, please send an email to helpdesk@aiepro.org. An interview with a supervisor will be scheduled. The supervisor may approve or decline the request. If you disagree with the supervisor’s resolution, you may consult with the general manager through email at cdelacruz@aiepro.org to set up a meeting.


Cell Phones. We respectfully request that you turn your cell phones off or put them on silent mode. Please do not text or answer your cell phones at any time while the class is in session. If it is an emergency, politely ask for permission from the Specialist. Emergency includes: life or death situation, natural disaster, health issues, grave financial loss.

Side Conversations. Please limit your chit-chat with another student while the Specialist is explaining a concept or while a student or a group of students are conducting their presentations.

Restroom Breaks. Please go to the restroom before class, during the break, or after class. If it is an emergency, politely ask for permission from the Specialist first.

Attendance. Please be seated in class five minutes before the session starts; we will allow a 15-minute window for all those who are tardy as we understand there may be some extenuating circumstances. No exceptions.


The institute is a place of respect and equality for all.  There shall be no discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sex, national, origin, age, disability, and sexual orientation. Any discrimination by any student shall be reprimanded and warned, which could result into expulsion.


All students are encouraged to act professionally and treat others with respect. Please observe the following conduct:

  • DO respect everyone.
  • DO observe cleanliness
  • DO participate in all activities of the classes conducted by the Specialists.
  • DO participate in the events conducted outside of the classes.
  • DO assist other classmates, especially new students.
  • DO share your notes with others.
  • DO hang out with other students.
  • DO give us suggestions.
  • DO NOT rock or tilt back chairs.
  • DO NOT place feet on tables and chairs.
  • DO NOT come to class under the influence of drug or alcohol.
  • DO NOT come to class hungry, tired, and sleepy.
  • DO NOT bully other students.
  • DO NOT harrass anyone verbally, physically, or sexually.
  • DO NOT bring weapons or contrabands to the institute.
  • DO NOT use offensive language.


Each month, we are celebrating a “Certificate Day.” This event is when we get together all students who have completed their assignments each month and have a celebration to recognized their achievements.  Register on our official website www.aiepro.com and complete the given assignments:

  1. Write one research article with at least 1,000 words related to education, career development, communication, or English.
  2. Create one article with at least 300 words using the Five Elements structure. TOPIC: What did you learn at the American Institute for English Proficiency.
  3. Read and Comment on at least 10 articles on the website.

All assignments must have at least one picture. When using an image from the internet, mention the source of the photo.

Students Enrolled in CXB

Students who are enrolled in CXB have another set of assignments to complete to receive their cerificates. In addition to the three posted above, CXB students must conduct a 1-hour presentation on any topic of their choice. The CXB student must invite family, colleagues, friends and classmates to attend this presentation.

Other Assignments for All Students

As part of the learning process, we encourage students to practice their skills through verbal and written communication. Students may practice their proficiency on our blogging website. Register on www.the5elements.net and write the assignments given by the specialists. The assignments are indicated on the website.

All assignments must have at least one picture. When using an image from the internet, mention the source of the photo.


At The American Institute, learning English is not just in the four corners of the classroom; it is a lifestyle. In order to get the most out of your English learning experience, we have provided various activities for your to join in so that you will continue to practice in and out of the classroom.

This is what makes our institute so different from others. Our students become best friends with each other and their Specialists, and they call the school their second home or family.The following are some of the events you can join:

  • AIEP Anniversary Celebration
  • Beach Trip
  • Road Trip
  • Videoke Night
  • Clubbing
  • Movie Night
  • Annual Luau Party
  • Annual Food Festival
  • Annual USA Independence Day Party
  • Charity Event
  • Annual Sports Fest
  • Annual Halloween Party
  • Annual Thanksgiving Party
  • Chill Nights with Specialists
  • Annual Christmas Party
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Cultural/Historical Site Visits (Field Trip)


From time to time, we may have unforseen and extunuating circumstances that may cause our schedule or original plans to change. In order to for us to disseminate the information more effectively, please make sure that you constantly visit our website and add us on our social media accounts:

AIEP Official Website: www.aiepro.com
Students’ Website: www.the5elements.net
Specialists’ Website: www.AmericanEnglishSchool.org
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/AieproEnglish and www.facebook.com/AieproEnglishQC
Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/aiepupec
Instagram: AieproEnglish
Twitter: delacruzer
Youtube: www.youtube.com/aiepro2006


Reporting Violation of Policies and Procedures. We encourage students to report anyone violating these policies and procedures to ensure the safety and security of everyone and to maintain the high standards of the institute. We want to be the best English school, and we can only do so with your assistance. To report, you may simply email us at helpdesk@aiepro.org or talk to us in a private setting. We will keep everything strictly confidential and will deal with matters professionally. In the meantime, let’s all enjoy our time learning together. It’s definitely more fun at the American Institute for English Proficiency.