Learn English online at the comfort of your home or office. Choose group, private, or both.

Learn English at our office with other students.  Maximum of four students.  Intimate setting.

LEO or F2F.  Study with classmates from around the world.  LEO (10-50 students) F2F (4 students only).

LEO or F2F.  For intimate and intensive sessions, learn so much more with your own private Specialist.

LEO + F2F + Group + Private.  Maximize your English learning by combining the different settings.



They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a subject.  Mastery is indeed a very long process.  The teachers at the American Institute put in thousands of hours learning their craft.  The question is, how good do you want to be?  How much time do you want to spend being that good?  Most of our students take 40 to 50 hours, but those who are serious and want to go further take 100 hours or even more.  Don’t forget, the more you study, the more you learn.  You may select from a variety of schedule to suit your active lifestyle, or you can give us what day and time you want to study.


We offer various group sessions including CWIG: Critical Writing and Intensive Grammar, PSE: Public Speaking and Excellence, CXL: Communication Excellence Lab, and for kids, CXY: Communication Excellence for the Youth.  Furthermore, for those who are serious and want to go further, we offer private sessions, a tailored course perfect for your individualized needs, for an intensive English learning experience.  For best results, we highly recommend a combination of group and private sessions.  Click here for course outlines.


Learning is the best investment you can make in your future.  Simply make the payment, and you are done.  You can visit the Institute if you want to pay in cash or check, or for your convenience, you can fill out the enrollment form online and pay via credit card; if you prefer, you can also make a bank deposit.  For better efficiency, we highly recommend that you make a full payment; however, we can assist those who are only able to make a 50% downpayment at the moment.  Once you have done all of these, you are ready to start your sessions.  Welcome to The American Institute.


AIA English Journey

The AIA English Journey ensures that:

1. You have the vocabulary needed to accomplish tasks for your level.

2. You will know what class level you need to attend as we have free assessments you may take at the comfort of your home.
3. You can keep track of your progress as we will take you to a transformative journey as you move from one level to the next.
4. You are using graded and accredited materials that suit your level based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).
5. Your class comes with an examination at the end of the program to qualify your success and reward you with an internationally recognized certificate, accepted at a growing number of universities and companies across the globe.


Here are main benefits of the AIA English Journey:

  1. A 40-hr group class based on your proficiency level
  2. Free handouts and materials that will be used in all of your classes (with option to buy one workbook)
  3. A maximum of eight students in class for that intensive yet fun and engaging class
  4. An option to take online classes
  5. Additional sessions free of charge to prep you for the examination
  6. An accredited international certification exam with results and certificate mailed from Europe bearing your CEFR level


Here are the investment rates based on your assessment and level:

  1. A2+ Level (Pre-Intermediate)
    Regular Rate: PHP 16,995
    Discounted Rate: PHP 8,497.50 (50% OFF)
  2. B1 Level (Intermediate)
    Regular Rate: PHP 17,495
    Discounted Rate: PHP 8,747.50 (50% OFF)
  3. B2 Level (Advanced)
    Regular Rate: PHP 17,995
    Discounted Rate: PHP 8,997.50 (50% OFF)
  4. C1 Level (AcCEPT Proficiency)
    Regular Rate: PHP 18,495
    Discounted Rate: PHP 9,247.50 (50% OFF)
  5. AIA C2 Level (Masters)
    Regular Rate: PHP
    Discounted Rate: PHP 9,497.50 (50% OFF)



Communication Excellence Lab: This course is a fusion of the courses, which means that the coverage is more comprehensive in terms of modules: writing, grammar, speech, public speaking, business presentation, conversation fluency, critical thinking, confidence building, and American accent.  This is the most popular course we offer since it has a wide coverage. 

Flexibility:  You will be able to plot your own schedule (days).  Though we recommend that you attend daily, we will allow a minimum of three days a week attendance.  We will send you a link to our specific modules and what days they will be conducted so that you can decide which days to attend.

LEO Schedule: Monday to Friday (8:15pm – 10:15pm)

F2F Schedule: Monday to Friday (3pm-5pm).  We are adhering to strict health and safety measures.  Please make sure that you have a face mask, face shield, and alcohol with you.

NOTE: This is a combination class of CWIG + PSE + AA.  The class is roughly divided in to 45% grammar and writing, 45% public speaking and conversation fluency, and 10% American accent.

Since there are many modules being covered, we highly recommend that you take as many hours as possible to go through each of the module and gain better mastery of the different concepts.

GOLD – 40 Hours – PHP 3,995 instead of PHP 7,995
PREMIUM – 60 Hours – PHP 4,995 instead of PHP 9,995
PLATINUM – 80 Hours – PHP 5,995 instead of PHP 11,995
UNLIMITED – 1 Year – PHP 25,000 instead of PHP 50,000


20 Hours – PHP 7,995
Discounts available for siblings/relatives

Communication Excellence for the Youth:  This course is the same as CX, and it is offered to younger participants who are 10 – 16 years old (8-9 years old may be admitted).  This program will definitely improve the students’ confidence as they will undergo modules in public speaking, critical thinking, confidence building, conversation fluency, grammar, writing, American accent, and more.  Click here for more info: CXY for Kids.

LEO Schedule: Monday to Friday (10am-12pm, 3pm-5pm, or 6pm-8pm)
F2F Schedule: Monday to Friday (Not available due to ECQ/lockdown)


20 Hours – PHP 7,995

Critical Writing and Intensive Grammar: This course covers foundations on grammar and writing, including sentence structure, verb tenses, subject-verb agreement, prepositions, and punctuation, and different types of writing such as essay, persuasive, informative, descriptive, technical, and business correspondence.  There are no speech and public speaking modules in this course as grammar and writing are the main topics.

LEO Schedule: Monday to Friday (6pm-8pm)
F2F Schedule: Not Available.  See CXL Course.


20 Hours – PHP 7,995

Public Speaking Excellence: This course covers foundations on speech, public speaking, and professional presentations through live demonstrations and activities.  It is a highly interactive, student-centered course.  You will build your confidence as a speaker by mastering delivery techniques, by polishing structures and organization, and by developing strong content for your presentation.  This is not your typical lecture-based program as you will be highly involved of discussions, and you will conduct live presentations with other participants.

LEO Schedule: Monday to Friday (6pm-8pm)
F2F Schedule: Not Available.  See CXL Course.


American Accent:  This course focuses on neutralized or standard American accent, the accent commonly used by US American reporters, in comparison to regional American accent.  The focus is on the three main elements of the standard American accent, which are pronunciation (diction or enunciation), liaison (blending), and intonation (pitch, tone, stress).  Participants will learn both theory and application as there will be numerous opportunities for exercises.

LEO Schedule: Not Available.  See CXL Course.
F2F Schedule: Not Available  See CXL Course.
NOTE: American Accent training is part of the CXL Course.


English for Call Center: This program provides English and communication training to participants who choose a career in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry as call center representatives and managers.  In addition to English and communication skills training, participants will undergo training in interviewing techniques, call handling, customer service, sales and marketing, critical thinking, and confidence building. Schedule: Select your own schedule.

Important Note: Starting December 1, 2018, enrolling for this program will only be possible for interested clients when there is an endorsement letter coming from the recruitment personnel of the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) or call center company that they have previously interviewed with. Furthermore, this is only available to Filipino Citizens holding a filipino passport or Social Security identification.


Business English for Professionals: This course is very similar to PSG, but it is offered only to upper intermediate and advanced students.  In addition to grammar, writing, speech, public speaking, and critical thinking, participants will conduct business presentations, use various media and technology to deliver Powerpoint presentations, and write business letters, memorandums, and proposals.  Also available as a private class only. Php 10,000 per participant. Min. of 3 participants. 30 hours.


  • Weekdays, Monday to Friday, 6pm to 9pm, 30 hours
  • Weekends, Saturday and Sunday, 9am to 6pm, 32 hours


CLICK HERE for more information: BEP


Standardized Tests Program: The International English Language Testing System (IELTS), the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), and the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) are the three most common standardized tests for students and professionals.  The modules are focoused on the four core competencies: reading comprehension, writing, listening, and speaking. Schedule: Select your own schedule.

Important Detail: The IELTS discounted program is available only to students who have registered for the test or gotten an endorsement letter. It can also be availed by pre-registering for it amounting to Php 10,270.00 or Php 13,500 for UKVI (Non-refundable) to avail of the program.


Specialized Courses and Programs: We also conduct workshops and seminars related to English, communication skills, career development, education, and motivation.  In addition, we offer Teaching English to Students of Other Language (TESOL) Certification.  English teachers can upgrade their skills through an international certification course.  This program is excellent for those who want to teach English abroad as it is required by schools in other countries.  We have partnered with international institutions to provide you a TESOL certificate.  Schedule: Select your own schedule.

Important Note: The advantage of enrolling TESOL with AIEP is that participants will receive two certificates. One for learning theories in ESL teaching from our partner school and a second certificate for 20-hr practicum at our institute, wherein the participant gets a first hand experience in teaching ESL students at our office, Makati or Quezon City.


Corporate Training Program: This program is tailored to a company’s corporate needs to enhance the English and communication skills of its employees.  We can develop short-term and long-term programs for local and international corporations.  In addition to English and communication skills, we provide motivational workshops to help enhance employee performance.  We also conduct English and career development workshops for students and teachers of various universities.  Schedule: Select your own schedule.


Weekdays (M-F)

10am – 12pmCXY (LEO)
01pm – 03pmNOT AVAILABLE
03pm – 05pmCXL (F2F)
06pm – 08pmCWIG/PSE (LEO)
8:15pm – 10:15pmCXL (LEO)


Weekends (Sat-Sun)



Tuition, Admin, ID/Lanyard

Call Center Applicants Only
1-Month Unlimited – $100
2-Month Unlimited – $150
3-Month Unlimited – $200
6-Month Unlimited – $300
1-Year Unlimited – $400
Call Center Applicants Only for ECC
Please visit our FAQ page


Tuition, Admin, ID/Lanyard

ID/Lanyard = Php 300
HOURSLEO/F2F PRIVATE (Choose your own modules)F2F REGULAR GROUP RATE (CXL)F2F DISCOUNTED GROUP RATE for Philippine Residents
20$350$200PHP 7,995
30$500$225PHP 8,995
40$650$250PHP 9,995
50$800$275PHP 10,995
80$1,300$350PHP 14,995
100$1,600$500PHP 19,995