AIEP Presents English Club, United Professionals for English and Communication (UPEC)

The American Institute (AIEP) has reinstated its English club, the United Professionals for English and Communication, also known as Universal Pro English Club or UPEC, on August 21, 2021, with 45 attendees.  UPEC has been AIEP’s English club for its students since 2007, and due to the pandemic brought about by Covid-19, it was momentarily halted.

The primary purpose of the club is to create a friendly and inviting atmosphere for all individuals, national and foreign, seeking to improve their English language skills.  In addition, this club was established to help improve the community through educational and socio-civic activities.  Finally, the purpose of this club is to appeal to prospective students/clients and other individuals who show interest in the study of various aspects of English.

The induction ceremony, led by its newly inducted officers was very engaging, complete with games and prizes and introduction to its new members the benefits of being a part of the club.

Former and current students of AIEP are encouraged do join especially if they would like to continue practicing their English and communication skills beyond their formal classroom sessions.  Joining this club is also a great way to learn other skills other than English and communication skills as the officers will be planning educational workshops, community service, and social activities.  Furthermore, it is a great way to keep in touch with their classmates and build their network.

To join, please email us at