Many people are inclined to study Business English as a necessity. It has become a necessity to many people who want to succeed in their career. It is the usage of vocabulary used in trade, business presentations, finance and international relations, negotiations, meetings, correspondence, business writing, emails and so on. An example of this is when recently graduated college students prepare themselves to enter the job market. Here in the Philippines, a great deal of preparation is needed to qualify oneself to land a job and, more so in career advancement.

According to Global English Corporation’s president Tom Kahl, “Poor Business English skills are bad for global businesses and this year’s Business English Index suggests that many companies will be hard-pressed to achieve their desired performance goals during 2012.” Last year, Global English Corporation, a US-based technology company, released the results of its annual Business English Index or BEI that assesses the capability of Business English proficiency in the workplace. Out of 76 countries, the Philippines occupied the top spot on the leading board.

The American Institute for English Proficiency (AIEP) provides this training for many professionals who wish to advance in their career or for those who want to land a job in the market. Other than Filipinos, each year, more and more students coming from different parts of the world enroll at AIEP for this course specifically. Such students are from Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Senegal, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Brazil, Korea, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia and many others. AIEP doesn’t run out of students seeking to improve their fluency in Business English. Not only does AIEP train people from other countries but Filipinos as well. The Institute continues to train Business English to Filipino professionals such as doctors, lawyers, government officials, professors and teachers, entrepreneurs, nurses, event organizers and more.


Recently, many companies now require their employees to be fluent in the English language. It is useful not only in trade and management, but also for the image a company wants to uphold. Entertainment, BPO companies, food establishments, banking companies, commercial and consumer products are huge industries in the Philippines and they continue to grow bigger and bigger with more Filipinos being employed and trained. These establishments require the training of employees in big groups. One of the things they seek is communication excellence.

Since it first started in 2007, AIEP continues to earn constant recognition from both individuals and different companies in the Philippines. Because of this, many establishments collaborate and create partnership with AIEP to train their employees. AIEP provides a course suited for this kind of partnership. AIEP’s course, Communication Excellence includes the following: Critical Thinking, Conversation Fluency, Confidence Building, American Accent for Personal and Professional Development, Public Speaking, Critical Writing and Intensive Grammar. This course meets the standard of many companies based here in the Philippines. For this reason, AIEP has gained the trust and continues to have partnerships with several companies. Some of these include Jollibee, Chevron, AIG, Integra, Johnson and Johnson, L’Oreal Paris, ABS-CBN, SGS, Jesus Is Lord, University of Santo Tomas, Our Lady of Perpetual Succor, St. Mary’s University, AMA University, Cavite State University, Young Entrepreneurs’-De LaSalle University, the Industrial and the Mechanical Engineering Departments at Mapua University, and the list goes on.


Recently, AIEP has been teaching talents from two of the most popular TV Networks here in the Philippines—GMA and ABS-CBN. The institute paired with GMA to teach English to these talents in order for them to achieve a wider variety of roles and to improve their communication skills in front of fans and clients. It trains these talents Intonation, American Accent, Personality Development and Confidence Building and Conversation Fluency, to boost their image in the entertainment world. It has already provided training for six different groups of talents and they are continuously growing with us.