Frequently Asked Questions

By browsing through these FAQ’s, you will be helping us to expedite your enrollment process.  If the answer to your inquiry isn’t found here, we invite you to call us at 02-893-1566 or 0917-850-3456, or through our email:  Do take the time to read these FAQ’s as many of your basic questions will have already been answered here.  

  1. Are you offering online courses?

    Yes, we currently offer our LEO: Learn English Online program.  Right now, we are offering two courses:

    CWIG: Critical Writing and Intensive Grammar
    CXY: Communication Excellence for the Youth, English class for kids.

  2. What are your courses?

    We offer various courses:

    CWIG: Critical Writing and Intensive Grammar
    PSG: Public Speaking and Grammar
    C3: Conversation Fluency, Critical Thinking, and Confidence Building
    CX: Communication Excellence
    CXY: Communicaion Excellence for Youth, CXB: Communication Excellence for Business.
    BEP: Business English for Professionals
    ANGLIA: International Certification

    You may see a full description here: courses.

  3. What are the differences between your courses?  How do I know which course is right for me?

    CWIG Course is strictly grammar and writing lessons.  There are no speeches and presentations in this class.
    PSG Course
    is a combination of public speaking, grammar, and writing.  There are speeches, conversations, and presentations in this class.
    C3 Course is stictly a public speaking and presentations class.  Grammar and writing are not covered in this course.
    CX Course is a combination of all the classes mentioned above.  It offers grammar, writing, speeches, conversations, and presentations.  In addition, there is a lesson American accent.
    CXY Course is similar to the CX course, except this course is offered to children ages 8 – 16.
    BEP Course is similar to CX Course, except there is a strong business element to the course such as power point presentation, conducting meetings, and business correspondence/writing.


    ECC Course – English for Call Center training program for those who want to work as customer service representatives in the BPO or business process outsourcing industry.
    STP Course – Standardized Test Preparation for those who want to take the TOEFL, IELTS, or TOEIC.
    CTP Program – Corporate Training Program for companies who have a need for specific English and communication training program for their employees.
    We highly recommend that you take a combination of these courses.
    TESOL Course – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages for those who want to have an international certification to teach English.

    After reading the description of each of courses, and you still are not sure which one to take, we recommend that you come in to our office for a personal assessment so that we can help you determine which course would be best for you.  You can also see course outlines here: ENGLISH COURSE OUTLINE

  5. What is the difference between 40 hours, 50 hours, 100 hours, and so on?

    The difference in the number of hours is the depth of coverage, meaning the more time you put into studying a subject, the better you will be able to master it.  Learning English and communication skills takes time and dedication just like doctors, lawyers, and pilots have to put in thousands of hours just to be able to practice their skills in their fields.  If you really want to speak English well, we recommend that you enroll in more hours.

  6. Can I take a combination of the courses?  Can I use my one enrollment into the other courses?

    Yes, for maximum results, we highly recommend that you enroll in the other courses.  You can take the courses at the same time.  For example, you can take CWIG at 10 a.m., and at 1 p.m., you can take PSG.  You can even study the entire day.For an upgrade and an administrative fee of Php 1,000, you may consume your hours in the different courses.  For example, if you enrolled in 100 hours, you may take 20 hours in CWIG, 20 hours in PSG, 40 hours in C3, and 20 hours in CX.  You choose your own course and schedule.

  7. Do you have a course outline or a syllabus?

    Because we are not a university, we do not have a specific course syllabus that follows a specif date and module.  What we do have is a course outline that shows exactly what topics will be covered in the course.  You may see the course outline here: ENGLISH COURSE OUTLINE.
  8. What are your schedules?  Can I choose my own schedule? When can I start?

    We know that you have an active lifestyle.  Therefore, we have designed our courses so that you can select your own schedule.  For example, you can select daily, MWF, TTh, weekends only; in fact, you can select your own hours based on the group classes we offer.  Click here for the course schedules.  You can start on any Monday you choose by simply letting us know what day you would like to commence your course.  If you are taking a weekend class, simply let us know what day you would like to start as well.  It’s as easy as that.

  9. What if I can’t attend everyday?  What if I miss a class?

    It’s okay.  The classes have been offered sine January 1, 2007, and they are on an rolling or open enrollment basis.  How does this work?  Our courses are modular, meaning we teach module by module.  You don’t need to know previous modules to do well in other modules.  You will be able to get different modules until you complete all the foundations and required modules.

    Furthermore, the students, who were once new students as well, will assist new students so that they can learn faster.  The Specialist or teacher will also make sure that the new student will catch up.  Therefore, if you miss a class, you can still catch up.  In fact, newer students overtake other students depending on their learning capacity.

  10. Do you offer a payment plan?  What forms of payment do you accept?

    Yes, we do offer a payment plan, starting with a 50% deposit.  You may pay the remaining 50% within two weeks to a month, depending on when you end your course.We accept cash, check, credit card, or bank deposit.  For checks, you may write it to American Institute for English Proficiency.  For bank deposit: BPI, account # 1431-0049-72 (Makati Branch) or account # 9591-0003-62 (Quezon City Branch).  For credit card transactions, simply fill our the online enrollment form, and it will take you to a credit card payment portal.

    Complete details here: PAYMENT OPTIONS

  11. What is the guarantee that I will learn?

    Our guarantee is that we have the best English specialists not only in the Philippines, but throughout Asia.  They have gone through a rigorous selection process to ensure that they are highly qualified.  Our trainers have varied background in entrepreneurship, performance arts, teaching and education, business management, motivational speaking, and are all well traveled.  Furthermore, our courses are so dynamic as we offer critical and creative thinking as foundations to our courses.  We provide a learning environment that is full of culture, diversity, and professionalism.  English becomes your lifestyle at The American Institute.

  12. How do I enroll?  What is your enrollment process?

    First, decide three things: 1) course 2) schedule 3) number of hours to study.  Once you have selected your course, what your schedule will be, and how many hours you want to study, you can move on to the second step: fill out the form online or visit us at our office in Makati or Quezon City.  Once you have made payment and have read the AIEP Student Handbook 2016, you can begin your classes.
  13. Do you offer a certificate?

    We offer a Letter of Enrollment and Achievement with corporate stamp and signature.  We also offer an international certificate through our ANGLIA program.