Many foreigners would leave their home countries to work or to study.  But if one was to work in Japan, then that person would be advised to learn how to speak, read, and write in Japanese.  In the Philippines, apart from vacation, foreigners come here to get a job or to enroll in the local campuses.  Since many of these foreigners will be staying in a country where English is spoken almost everywhere for a long period of time, it is a requirement for most of them to learn the language.  However, according to a student I met in the American Institute for English Proficiency, it is a good decision to invest on language learning in the Philippines for several reasons, and all of it are things they have come to know and love, and I’m not talking about our syllabi.


The Philippines is a hot tourist destination for people all over the globe that even the natives go through their lives not being able to see everything there is to see in the country.  Most students, especially the younger ones, find it very convenient that apart from doing what they have to do here, they can also go around and see the sights.  Many of them leave with pictures in their phones carrying memories of that time when they went to Boracay, Batangas, Baguio, Ilocos Norte, and Palawan.  The Philippines really is the best place to learn English in Asia because the backyard is what most people literally call paradise.


Secondly, what makes language learning “more fun” in the Philippines, no pun intended, are the people every student meets.  Whether whom they meet is either local or foreign, teacher or classmate, or maybe just someone from home, students always end up enjoying themselves learning English with the company of new-found friends as they stay here.  “Home is where the heart is,” so they say.  And the Philippines can be home for many of the people who enroll in AIEP, forming families and experiencing everything the country has to offer together.


Being culturally diverse, one can be sure that the food in the Philippines comes in all shapes, sizes, and tastes.  If one stumbles into one of the fiestas that happens almost every week all over the country, the introduction of food to new-comers might be overwhelming having to go through every house in a town and trying out the meals prepared by the locals, and each town is different when it comes to food.  From the bizarre “balut” to the popular adobo, there is always a Filipino recipe that is bound to become the new favorite of anyone who wants something new and exciting for their palate.

You can find plenty of things to do to have fun while studying here in the Philippines, such as bathing in the sun at the most beautiful beaches, meeting new and different kinds of people, and indulging in what seems to be an endless variety of food. In the Philippines, adventure is just everywhere you go. Discovery is in every nook and cranny, and the warmth of happy smiles is wherever you turn.