How did COVID 19 affect your employment? How did your profession cope with the pandemic?  With the epidemic happening all over the world, it is heart breaking knowing that many individuals have suffered not just of losing someone, but for most, they have also lost a source of income as well. Most businesses were  forced to close-down in response to the government health policy — requiring businesses to physically cease operations and have their employees do their work at home.

Unfortunately, work from home has not been an option for all employees. While few have been given this opportunity to continue their work and be able to receive a paycheck, majority of the workforce are de-activated or placed on a NO WORK NO PAY status.

It has not been all unfortunate during these trying times though.

In fact, there are also positive ones that occurred. We have seen a whole lot of individuals who had started their businesses at home and people who had awakened the inner chef and entrepreneurial spirit in them. There are also some who chose to be productive. We have found ways to either keep ourselves preoccupied by attending seminars, learning a class online, or teaching a skill online.

And speaking of teaching online, did you know that you can make as much as 30,000 to 60,000 per month by teaching a language? 

Yes, you can make this much. You want to know the best part? Well, you do not have to leave the comforts of your home, which means no time is wasted being stuck in traffic on a daily basis. More importantly, you do not have to fear for your life due to the current health situation happening not just in the country, but across the globe.

I would be lying if I say, “It is as easy as hitting the APPLY button.”  This is most especially challenging if you have not invested your life loving the language or have never taught someone. It is not impossible though, it just means that in order to teach English, it would require a few things:

  1. To grow your skills. The way you express yourself in the language is your credibility. Sounding confident when you are teaching and giving instructions is key to keep your students inspired. Having someone that is easy to listen to and understand because they speak well makes it easier for teachers to be likable as an English language teacher. Fortunately, the web holds a whole lot of classes to get you up to speed, so you do not have to do it on your own. Grammar classes are also being taught online to help you brush up on these lessons. You can also take Public Speaking classes to help you improve your presentation skills.
  2. To gain experience. It is very important that, as tutors, we gain a lot of teaching experience. Experiences help us become effective in class, as you are already more aware of what works and what doesn’t work in a specific type of lesson, in class with varying levels, and in the cultural differences of the students. You are  also aware of your own strength and weaknesses; and how classes should generally flow. More importantly, when you are experienced, you have tricks up your sleeves and teacher portfolio that has been tried and tested.And if you are just starting out in this profession and wanting to build your portfolio, it will be wise that you attend classes and hit two birds with one stone: Attend classes not only to improve your own weaknesses through the sessions, but at the same time, attend as a teacher learning the ropes from another teacher. As a budding English teacher, you must keep an eye on techniques, nuances, and materials of the teacher you are attending classes with. You may want to take advantage of the classes you had paid for by asking tips from your facilitator… and if you really want to formalize your learning, then I suggest you invest in certification.
  3. To get a certification. While experience is key to effectiveness, teaching certification helps yo.u get the right tools on the onset. You can’t always wing things, and even if you have a whole lot of experience in teaching, it doesn’t address the finer details of things that you should be doing from the very beginning of your teaching career. It will also provide that much needed confidence in handling classes on your first teaching session.

There are several certifications for teaching English, and it is important to remember that no matter what price you pay, it should be Ofqual certified (Ofqual stands for The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation that regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England). There are other certification body out there, but this is one of the most popular. Furthermore, be mindful about getting a certification that allows you to have actual practice or internship. That way you can be guided by someone who is tenured in teaching.

I am writing this not because choosing to be an English as Second Language (ESL) teacher is just a temporary opportunity or solution to the pandemic, but also because when all these restrictions in travel have been lifted, you will find many employment opportunities in teaching the language abroad. There are indeed opportunities for this kind of profession, and it is not restricted to an academe alone.

Furthermore, teaching English is not just for the young. This is for people of different ages. This is something that you can do for many years to come. The only other thing required is your passion to teach. More importantly, English is still the main language in conducting business in the Philippines and internationally. It is also a neutral language for travel. These are the reasons why English is important and learning it is here to stay. This is an opportunity that may address your need to provide for yourself and your family now or for the years to come.

For information on how to get details for classes, teacher training, and internationally recognized certificates, please visit our website: AIEP TESDA CITE PROGRAM.