Romula B. Dela Cruz Memorial Scholarship

  • Romula B. Delacruz

    Grandma and grandpa with their children in Hawaii: Alex, Loida, Amelia, Arthur, Jean, Benny, Moi, and Philip

What is the Romula B. Delacruz Memorial Scholarship?

The Romula B. Delacruz Memorial Scholarship was established to honor the life and legacy of an amazing woman, Romula Benigno Delacruz, by providing scholarships to underprivileged individuals who demonstrate strong potential in succeeding despite difficulties.  Mrs. Delacruz was the kind of woman who would do anything and everything to help her children and grandchildren, and it is just fitting that we continue her tradition of love, care, and kindness through a scholarship fund.  Called as gramma and nana by her grandchildren, she will always be remembered.  The Romula B. Delacruz Memorial Scholarship is funded through the financial support of her children and grandchildren.

We are currently accepting applications until May 31, 2018.  To apply, please complete the ONLINE APPLICATION.

Scholarship Summary

  • One full scholarship at the American Institute for English Proficiency for a year (12 months), valued at Php 100,000.
  • Accommodation assistance for a year (12 months), valued at Php 60,000.
  • Paid work-study program, valued at Php 24,000.
  • Job placement assistance after completion of the program.

If you would like to donate to this scholarship so that we can give more students a chance to support their families, please email us at

How to Qualify?

  • You must be at least a graduating high school senior or a high school graduate.
  • Individuals who have dropped out from college due to financial constraints are also invited to apply.
  • You must be a resident of in Ilocos Norte, Philippines.
  • You must complete all application forms and answer one essay question.
  • You must have at least one letter of recommendation from your teacher.

Essay Questions

Please choose one of the following essay topics or question:

  • What is the essence of a mother?
  • What is the essence of a grandmother?
  • How has your mother or grandmother inspired you?
  • What is your most valuable personal characteristic?
  • What does your family mean to you?

Your essay must be at least 500 words in English and accompanied with a photo of you and your mother or your grandmother.

The Dela Cruz Family

Our grandmother’s legacy cannot just be described; it must be felt and experienced. Hers was a legacy dedicated to loving her family, a legacy filled with love, kindness, and nurturing. She was a god-fearing woman, and she has instilled the values of putting God above all else.

Our mother and grandmother has been called by her Creator, and we know that she is up in heaven looking over us now. Mom, grandma, thank you for all the love you have shown to us. This love will live on forever in all of us.

Alex and Aurea Dela Cruz ~ Chris Delacruz ~ Adonis/Lei Delacruz (James) ~ James/Cristine Delacruz (Bryce/Akira), Mark/Jane Delacruz (Makayla/Jared/Ava) ~ Jackie Delacruz

Loida and Wilfred Benigno ~ Joy/Rudy Espejo (Joshua/Alyson/Noah) ~ Glenn/Sherylle Benigno (Isaiah) Matt/Aisa Benigno ~ Jeremy/Rosema Benigno

Arthur and Marianella Dela Cruz ~ Kane/Arlynn Dela Cruz (King) ~ Kevin/Apryle Dela Cruz (Kayven) ~ Kyra  (Keira)

Amelia and Edwin Acoba ~ Drexel ~ Leah/Billy

Jean and Florentino Ramos ~ Rofel/Crystal (Gyson, Jewelz, Jem) ~ Allen/Toni Ramos (Kaili, Ashtyn) ~ Kenneth and Makana

Benny and Sharlene Dela Cruz ~ Brandy/Benz (Blaise, Brayelle, Bella) ~ Kristen/NC (Bentley, Kaizen) ~ Ridge/Kat (Rylie/Raegan)

Moi and Rose Dela Cruz ~ Micah/Natalie Dela Cruz (Lyla/Drayden) ~ Chanel/Donny (Kingston) ~ Tiara/Mason (Taliyah) ~ Brooke


Philip and Stacy Dela Cruz ~ Jayden/Maricar ~ Jerricah (Naz) ~ Jared

Notes to Nana


Gramma was a special woman, a special human being.  I was still so young when I had already observed how beautiful this woman was.  If someone asked me, describe beautiful, I would say, “Gramma.  My gramma.”  She was beautiful because she gave her heart, no matter who you were and where you come from.  This heart is the first kind of unconditional love I have ever seen and felt.  She wasn’t choosing whom to love.  Why?  She was already love herself.  She has shown her love to everyone, but the love she has shown to me, I cannot forget.

Growing up without my mom by my side, as she was still in the Philippines, this amazing woman took care of me and made me feel that I was someone.  She was my defender, my supporter, and she loved me unconditionally.  A lot of who I am today came from my gramma, as it was during these formative years she had instilled in me the value of unconditional love.  I saw how she loved my dad so much, despite all the troubles he caused at that time.  I saw how she loved all her children.  And the way she loved her grandchildren, she gave all of them her attention, even when she was weak and tired.  If there is a Wonder Woman, gramma is definitely the Amazing Woman.

For everything that you’ve done for me, gramma, thank you. Love, Chris.


Growing up with grandma was great because she made sure our bellies were full.  When we were bad, she would simply say, “Be a good boy, barok,”and I always respect grandma for how she was so patient with us. I will miss you so much, grandma.  Love, James.


I remember Grandma was such a loving  and kind woman. She gave me advice about having nice skin when I was a teen and what makes a marriage peaceful. But the greatest impact she left me was how not only she was a Christian going to church every week, but she lived it too. She was giving, loving, patient, and kind. ~Joy 


There were times when Matt, Kevin, Rofel, and I would cut school and stay at grandma’s house. When grandpa saw us, he would scold us and tell us go school. But grandma, being so kind, she would hide us in the room for a while until grandpa went to do “yard work.” No matter how old I was, she still treated like her little grandson…so loving. ~ Jeremy

We Love You Grandma!

You were a great mother, a loving grandmother, and one amazing woman. Thank you for all that you have done for us.
You will always be in our hearts.