You know that one day you woke up and realized that you can do something to make yourself better?  I often hear from most people that I know that they have this moment when they learned that they do need to improve, that they have a lot of things they still need to learn.

Like for myself when I got back from my internship from the U.S. , I saw my self craving to improve my communication skills, specifically in English, which reminds me of this quote from a pizza restaurant that I always remember, “Only dead fish swims with the flow.”  Like a fish that lived and learned to swim strong by knowing the struggles of enduring the current, we should use those struggling moments we had as a reflection of what is it in us that needs improving.

I will share to you, my three moments at the American Institute for English Proficiency (Quezon City branch) that helped me in my continuous evolution.

It was my first day, and I decided to enroll in the Saturday class.  As expected, I was asked to talked about myself, but what I didn’t expect is that I was given a topic, and I should discuss it in front of everyone.  I was nervous as usual, but it’s a good thing that I know a little bit about the topic which is “genetics.”  That moment, when I heard all the reviews from my instructor and other students, fueled my desire to learn and be in class every time.

And there was the time when I decided to attend the weekdays class.  I was given another topic because I was new with the class, and it was about “mastery.” Unlike before, I already had an experience, so I used what I learned from my Saturday class.  And there was again more things that were said to me that I didn’t even know I was missing all those time.  I thought I just enrolled to build a “hut of confidence,” enough to make my communication skills better, but they made me realize I could build even more.

Every time I remember AIEPro, it’s not just lectures, quizzes, speeches, and activities. I also remember one of the most important thing I gained, connections, connections that I built with my classmates and instructors that is strong, so strong that I don’t see it breakable.  We’re like islands connected with a bridge where we can send each others help to improve our own islands. This connection is what we call friendship.

These experiences at AIEPro contributed to who I am today and that is what I am so grateful about. People might say it’s just an institution, but here I am telling you to experience AIEPro and see for your self.