Forty hours of group class at the American Institute for English Prociency (AIEP) Quezon City branch gave me a lot of help.  Before starting, I was not that comfortable speaking in English in front of a crowd and also speaking to foreigners.  I remember how shy and nervous I was when we were told that the course is all about impromptu speech and presentations. It came to the point that I didn’t want to continue the remaining 30+ hours left.  But then, in every meeting, I could see that I got more and more comfortable speaking and that I get along well in class.

Studying at AIEP is a great way not just to learn how to speak fluently in English, but also to be confident.  I learned that being good in grammar isn’t enough when you don’t have the guts to speak in front of a crowd.  Confidence is a must. And when speaking, think of your audience, and don’t just focus on your speech, but keep in mind that there are people listening to you.  You must make sure that you got their attention.  Also, I learned that I should try not to be so serious when speaking.  It’s important to put a bit of wit.

Chris made a big impact in my life.  I’m so amazed by his brilliant mind.  The way he teaches in class is very different from the usual, and I must say he’s way better than all of the teachers and professors I had before.  I can’t thank Chris and AIEP enough.  The best! 🙂