An Inspiring Student: Abdullah Ali

12376639_200749916981649_3815104716928077394_nIn schools, students come and go, and many of them usually come back. Some even leave a big mark on the teachers that would make them miss the students so. Commonly, it’s about his personality or how the student developed throughout his course in the school. One that I would never forget is Abdullah Ali. He is a young gentleman from Yemen who went to the Philippines with the intent to study and improve his English communication skills. Although he is not the first Yemeni we who has enrolled in the American Institute for English Proficiency, Abdullah will always be remembered for how he carried himself inside and outside the classroom.

One of the many traits that many find inspiring about him is his persevering nature. Abdullah came to AIEP with a very strong Arabic accent, and he seemed to be having problems in sentence construction. Having mentioned all of those things and then some, he pushed on and learned from all the mistakes and errors he committed when he expressed himself in English. By doing so, he eventually became one of the best students I’ve ever handled.

Another thing to note about Abdullah is the discipline he showed when he studied at AIEP. One of the many challenges that students face in earning a foreign language is that they have the tendency to talk in their mother tongue with other students outside the school. In addition, they also pull other students into following suit so that it’s easier for them to communicate. Even though this was happening all around him, Abdullah never took his studies in the Philippines lightly and showed great self-control that every student noticed, and they admired him for that.12801559_200748920315082_1442427983368974760_n

Next, he was very curious. He asked a lot of questions and learned a lot from the Philippines and the different cultures of other students from other countries simply because he found how the way things are fascinating. This allowed him to broaden his mind and be open to all kinds of things without having to let go his original values and even adding some new ones. Other students perceived him as adventurous and even well versed in foreign cultures because he took the time to know each one carefully.

Lastly, he was funny. Even though he was very strict with himself in learning English, he always had the time to laugh with his classmates, and make them laugh most of the time. He was definitely one of the funniest ones I’ve had in this school, and a lot of students and specialists appreciated him for that.

I actually encourage a lot of students to be like him because he was one of the many students who finished their course in the American Institute for English Proficiency satisfied, happy, and became really well in communicating in English. Better than most of his peer. Last thing he expressed to me when he left was that he couldn’t wait to share his experiences and  show everyone how good he is now at speaking English.