Self-improvement is Your Decision

Improving oneself is a decision. The thing is, we need better English proficiency to prepare ourselves in the future. The English language might be a difficult subject, yet this will give us a breakthrough because most of the subjects we study are in English.  All over the world, this language has influenced almost everyone. Our proficiency in English will give as way to everything, including our performance in school, in the workplace, acing to get our dream career, and boosting our confidence. People who are taking steps to earn a higher  proficiency  level really believe that this language will give them breakthrough in their field. They believe that as they delve into this language, it is the key to confidence, success, and great opportunities.

Overwhelming at First, but Definitely Helpful in the End

When I first experienced this course, I was overwhelmed because I had not learned English this way. Each chapter of the course was very important to me, so I always had my pen and notebook on my table, taking down important things for future browsing.  Now, I have better understanding with subject-verb agreement and grammar rules, especially applying the basic pattern sentences.  Although I have a difficulty in expressing myself through writing, especially in formal writing, I realize it really requires a lot of time to improve these skills; but I am learning now because of the detailed information and tips AIEPRO provides. Moreover, practicing pronunciation using neutral American accent was a bit difficult for me yet fun while learning it.

This course has also helped me in making a good resume and cover letter and giving me tips on how to pass and ace the interview. I would say that this is a well-organized course and its content is well intentioned and easy to understand.

The Benefits of Learning Online with a Good Curriculum

Attending classes in middle school up to university is one kind of experience, but attending it now after college graduation is another.  They both have a good curriculum and standard that they provide.  Today, however, since we are now entering the 21st century, attending online classes like this is efficient and effective because the content was developed for learners in a more creative and advanced manner.  The students and teachers alike will get the advantage of knowing and using technologies and its applications related to teaching and learning process, just like the AIEP English Proficiency course that I enrolled in, with having the standard of 80 percent passing rate. This means you need to get an 80 percent above of your score on each unit test including the quizzes to pass before you proceed to the next lesson.  This passing rate ensures you could have a thorough learning of the lesson which will benefit the student. Since this is a self-paced learning, the student will also have the advantage to control his or her time to study, may it be synchronous or asynchronous.

Face-to-Face versus Distance Learning

Attending face-to-face classes like the way before has great advantage, especially because of the presence of a teacher. Interactions and learning together with other classmates, like making projects, reporting, sports activities are much more engaging and fun. Nevertheless, both have ways to showcase their best in education that they could give to all their students.  I’m glad I have been able to experience both.