I completely and highly agree with Leonardo Da Vinci when he said that “Learning never exhausts the mind.” How would I be exhausted when I certainly love what I was doing? Every single class I attended, I enjoyed it!

My home for almost 3 consecutive months was the four-cornered cool, fun and interactive room of AIEP and during my stay, never had I experienced boredom and tiresome. I swear! From Ms. Wyne to Sir Miguel (Michael), I honestly thought it was a sin to intentionally or unintentionally miss a single class because I definitely knew how a class can be very excellent if you attend.

I am also an English Teacher for Secondary and have tried teaching already during my internship days; however, I still sometimes doubt myself when it comes to the (legendary) 12 tenses of verbs. When we had a discussion about the tenses in the simplest way possible, it was indeed the clearest, too. Everything made sense and I was freed from my ignorance! Of course, you need to cooperate so you’d better safely keep your pen and paper for notes because you don’t want to miss out, yes, you can’t miss out! I’m have FOMO (FEAR OF MISSING OUT) there!

American Institute for English Proficiency pushed my limits in becoming a good, I mean, BETTER writer and EFFECTIVE speaker in a very unique and fun way. Learning became so attainable as it was always linked to real-life.  Contextual learning! I remember the legendary 5 elements in speaking and writing and it really was, is and will always be a big help in thought organization. Not only that, it helps reduce mix up of ideas and tension especially in speaking. I enrolled there knowing nothing about speaking because I am only good at writing and AIEP was my super saviour!

During my stay, the days had different devouring tastes.

Spine-tingling on the first day as I had to describe something out of a word for assessment. How genius was that!

Fun and sizzling sometimes as I had to face my fears in impromptu speech and in 50-word sentence construction. I had to exert my 101 percent effort and I had to get out of my comfort zone for a perfect output. Hot, when the heated conversation was set up due to debates and seem-to-be-winning arguments. It was not a good idea to start the argument with a question! (Laughs) But it’s alright to start your speech with a question!

Sweet, because I had the chance to meet new friends  of different culture, language, and nationalities. I had heard stories of my classmates and my teachers, who later became my instant friends. Bitterly sour, when the last day came and I realized want more and I want to keep coming back in this school. Bidding good bye to your friends and teachers will the saddest!

Soon I will meet new friends who are eager to improve their language skills, and guess what, AEIP is on top of the list and will always be!