Austreverto Navales Testimonial for AIEP

A teacher will appear when the student is ready.

– Buddha Siddhartha Guatama

If life is a collection of experiences, then my time at AIEP had a certain intensity added to that experience. Laughter was fuller, and yes, we had debates in class, but we argue about ideas that actually made sense. We tackled grammar and the basics of the English language, and these were tools that help each one of us in excelling in the art of relaying a message across effectively. Effective communication is perhaps born out of the human need for passionate expression, and this was contagious at AIEP, and so learning came naturally.

I have had so many memorable moments at AIEP, but they were only made so because of who I shared them with. They were amazing people, my classmates and teachers alike.  AIEP Saturday classes were something that I looked forward to every time. It was like a drug that I couldn’t get enough of. From awkward impromptu speeches to fiery passionate debates, class was always interesting.  We all learned to think on our feet. Each student would defend a particular topic as if their very life depended on it, and it made it exciting, engaging, and ultimately a fun encounter for everyone.

AIEP is like family, and though we started out as classmates, there are some I still call “ate” even to this day; others have gone on to be lifelong friends sharing different aspects of each others’ lives. AIEP teachers were never just teachers. They were mentors, life coaches, sometimes chill buddies, but ultimately influencers and friends.  That ability to draw out and inspire learning from the students themselves is what I think separates the school from others.

AIEP Education was just a different experience all together. I will forever be grateful for the experience and for the things I have learned. It was at some point of my life, a home away from home.

I would recommend the school to my friends, families, loved ones, and I dare say strangers. Most, if not everyone, should have that kind of intensity added to their lives. Enrolling in AIEP simply guarantees it.

Joy Calvar Testimonial for AIEP

Short, but definitely worthwhile.

That is how I can put into words the experience I had at the American Institute for English Proficiency. I attended only a limited number of classes, but I can say that I’ve learned a lot. I stayed for only a short time, but I feel like I’ve been here forever.

I enrolled at the American Institute for English Proficiency to get a certificate in Communication Excellence as a requirement for a job I’m applying for. That was just the reason I had at first. All that I was thinking about was to just to finish the course and obtain the certificate so I can qualify to the position I’m applying for. I never thought that I was in for a rich and rewarding experience.

An International Learning Environment

The American Institute provides an international learning environment. As most of its students are foreigners, it affords you with the opportunity to test your English skills in conversing with people from different parts of the world. During my first day, I was amazed to see that most of my classmates were of different nationalities. There were Vietnamese, Japanese, Koreans, Spaniards, and Arabians. All of us had one goal: to be able to speak and write English better.

Well-Trained Specialists

What it says on the website is true: the American Institute has some of the best trainers or specialists. From the way they talk, to the way they conduct themselves in front of their students, AIEPro’s specialists are really amazing. They are experts on their field. They know what they are talking about, which makes them very effective. I noticed that in AEIPro, the specialists don’t just treat their students as just mere students. Instead, they look at them as friends and family. This gives students a sense of belongingness, making them more inspired to attend each class­.

Overcoming My Fear

I’m not a bad public speaker. Having worked in a call center before, I’ve already learned the basics of speaking English well. However, there’s this fear inside of me that hinders me from reaching my full potential when it comes to public speaking. As a result, I’ve refused many opportunities that would have helped me improve my skills, such as when I was invited to be the host for our company’s Christmas Party. AEIPro has helped me overcome my fear of speaking in front of many people. While I’m not over it “100 percent” yet, I can say that I’m slowly getting there.

Thank you, AEIPro for the short, but valuable experience. Continue to teach and inspire students to be the best they can be.

If you want to learn English in a fun and exciting way or improve your speaking and writing skills, I recommend enrolling in the American Institute for English Proficiency. You’ll definitely get more than what you will be paying for.

Mohammad Hammoud IELTS Testimonial for AIEP

The American Institute for English Proficiency is the best place to review for your IELTS.  The staff focuses on your weaknesses and strengths to excel to get the band score you are aiming for.  I first enrolled at AIEP to learn to speak English, and I learned how to communicate better.  After a few months, I decided to study college here in the Philippines; however, IELTS was a requirement.  When I re-enrolled for  training, my specialist, Lizzie, helped me work on my listening, my reading, my writing, and my speaking skills which were all my weaknesses. I realized IELTS is different from all other English tests I’ve ever had. So if you’re looking for a great place to review, a place that is worth your hard-earned money, and a place with international culture, AIEPRO is the best place for you. I am grateful to American Institute, because if not for it, I wouldn’t be where I am now.


Charm Concepcion Testimonial for AIEP

My dream to study abroad would never be possible without getting the required IELTS band score.  Since I am aiming for a higher mark, I decided to take a program that would help me enhance my knowledge. Luckily, I passed the exam! AIEPRO greatly assisted me in achieving my goal to pass the IELTS exam. Ms. Lizzie also helped me in improving my writing skills, and she also made sure that I was well prepared before taking the exam. Thank you AIEPRO for helping your students to achieve their dream.




These are the things that I learned from the teachers at the American Institute for English Proficiency.  First, English can be learned.  I always had difficulty learning English, and this school made me realize I could do it.  It does not matter the age, the nationality, or if the person has higher education or not. What really matters is your attitude, if you want to be good at it or not.  I believe that people all have the same ability to learn new things. It is never too late to learn.

The American Institute for English Proficiency also taught me that English can be learned stress free.  This is important because a lot of people don’t know how to handle stress.  People, especially those who are not natural-born English speakers, have experienced a lot of stress when learning this language because English works differently compared to their native tongue.  I learned that although there is a certain level of stress in studying English, there is also a possibility that learning and having fun can be possible.

Lastly, I realized that I learned best through application.  The best way to learn a new thing is to learn through experience. “Experience is the best teacher,” as they say is proven to be true at the institute. A student in this school will learn a lot from the teachers inside the school, but the students will also learn outside the school. They have to apply everything that the teacher taught them.  We have to speak English at home, with our relatives over the phone, with our room mates, with the salesman, inside the mall, or everywhere we go. This is the most important part of learning and I believe that unless a student will do these things, he or she will not become good English speakers.

These are the things that I learned through this school. I hope to continue these things even after my studies here. Thank you AIEP!



More than three months ago, I was on the hunt for a school or institute that teaches English proficiency. I’ve always wanted to develop good English communications skills and thought that I wouldn’t be able to achieve that on my own.  The lack of English proficiency schools in our country disappointed me a little, but there was this one place that was always at the top of the results page on Google.  To be honest, I haven’t heard of this institute before, so I was a bit skeptical to enroll. However, my gut feeling told me to give it a chance, and I am glad I did.

On the 4th of May, my younger brother accompanied me to Timog Avenue where the American Institute for English Proficiency’s Quezon City branch is located.  After paying the enrollment fee, I set a schedule of Monday to Friday, told the front desk staff that I would be starting on May 10 and hoped for the best. I never knew that the next three months of my life with be full of fun and productivity.

Every hour I spent in AIEP was full of learning and laughter.  I often wished that the class would last longer than 2 hours.  Chris, Lizzie, Jay and all the specialists were all so approachable, professional and nothing short of amazing.  They never made me feel intimidated or insecure.  The activities on the other hand were very engaging and fun.  Sometimes, we’d do a speech in front of the class and that would always make me nervous, but for some reason, a small part of me looked forward to them.  I may not be the best in class but I am certain that I’ve improved.

For three months, I was surrounded by people with the same goals and people who help us reach those goals. I will forever treasure every second I spent and every friend I made (shout out to Cathy, Sovanna, Jeizel, Liz, Fritzie, Wafer, Sienna, Mommy Rowena, etc.) during my time here.  I may be back again soon, who knows? But one thing’s for sure, I am forever and ever grateful to the American Institute.

If you’re reading this and you’re currently contemplating whether to enroll or not, I highly suggest that you get off of that seat, head on over to AIEP and enroll. You will not regret it; I guarantee.




I have enjoyed learning at the American Institute for English Profiency at the Makati branch in the Philippines.  First, I learned (and understood as the course went on) how to interact with other classmates using English.  I learned how to have more confidence in myself, I have improved my writing skills, and I am continuing to build on my social skills.

The bridge project module is what I liked the most because it had me realize how important a group project is and how one person makes a difference in a group, especially when you have good English and effective communication skills.  Writing about my personal goals and reflective essay made me see how much I have improved in my writing and learning.  Most of all, the classes helped me learn more about the ethics, diversity, critical thinking, and of course, communication skills that we will need in life.

In a overall perspective of the class, I learned a lot not only the things we learned about English but also more about myself, which will guide me to do better things in my future.  In addition, meeting new people in the class was a good experience because I found new close friends.  I got to know my classmates better each class meetings, and the mentor sessions were a good time to focus more on the assignment and to speak more about our opinions about the topic I was assigned that day.  The background of each of my classmates made me know more about each person, and it helped me to learn how to interact with others who come from different backgrounds.

Also, I learned how to think deeper and how to think more critically. I have learned to not take things at face value, to do my own research, and even though I am not yet able to do it, I am trying to not let my own opinions taint what reality actually is.  My English class has been a good learning experience for me. I had problems in English classes in the past mainly due to my poor writing.  This class has taught me how to write proper English papers.  I have improved my writing significantly but I still have some work to do.  Thank you American Institute for English Proficiency.


The reason why I am at the American Institute for English Proficiency is because I failed the final interview of a call center.  Fortunately, the call center gave us a second chance by giving us paid training at The American Institute.

I’ve learned so much, including on how to deal with different culture and people.  They taught me how to share my thoughts in front of many people and to defend my own ideas.  I learned to be more confident in from of many people, even if you don’t know them well.  Most importantly, I improved my English and communication skills, and I can use grammar more correctly.

The  people (AIEP staff) here are so approachable, and the students I met are so awesome.  They are so friendly and happy, and I can easily talk to them because of their attitude.  I am very happy that I experienced to be here.  Thank you 🙂


I used to doubt myself when speaking in English. I didn’t have any confidence in myself  especially in speaking in public. But I had a dream.  I wanted to be an English teacher, so I wanted to boost my self confidence.  For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to improve my English skill.

I decided to take a class at the American Institute for English Proficiency (AIEP) which is located in Quezon City, Philippines.  I remember my first day clearly.  I wasn’t able to speak anything.  I felt so nervous that my body was shaking like a leaf.  During the first class, I felt awkward because we were not allowed to talk in any language other than English and many of my classmates were foreigners.  I thought that we would just study English, but the thing that made me feel nervous was to speak in front of the class. I didn’t know what to say at that time and my grammar and pronunciation were bad.  However, I focused and became even more determined to study English at AIEP sine they always pushed me to sink deeply into the English language.

After four months of taking group classes, I found that my self-confidence and the ability to understand spoken English had improved.  I really appreciated all my English teachers in AIEP, especially Chris; he is a professional and passionate teacher who always makes effort to give various approaches for his students to get closes to English.

I learned that communication is more than English.  We needed critical thinking as well.  We discussed current events, news, and talked about living a life.  He always listened attentively and corrected my mistakes or suggested natural expressions.  I am so glad to have been one of AIEP students.

I have moved here in Korea, and finally, I am an English teacher for high school students.  The things that I have learned at AIEP is very helpful when teaching my class.  Thank you so much AIEP family.




When I was searching for a way to learn English, I had enrolled in many institutes, but I didn’t learn much.  At this point, I decided to go to the United States of America because the people there speak English.  However, I took the risk to go to the Philippines first because I heard that the country was a good place to study English.

I had now idea where I could find the right institute to learn English.  Finally, I found the American Institute for English Proficiency (AIEPRO) in Manila.  During my three-months stay at AIEPRO, I benefited a lot and developed my English. I also made a lot of friends.  At AIEPRO, I met the best English specialists, and I am happy with their knowledge.  They helped my with the development of my education and communication skills.  I found that I learned not only language, but also participation and cooperation.

With finishing my classes and having a bittersweet separation, I will truly miss AIEPRO.  I will miss the fun and education I experienced at the institute.  I really thank the friends and the staff whom I met at the institute.  I especially thank my teachers, Wyne, Reggie and Mike; to you, I have sincere respect and appreciation.






Having been a student in The American Institute was a transforming experience. I gained confidence, developed critical thinking and became a proficient speaker who can adapt to different situations. AIEPRO taught me a lot of essential things that I was able to utilize when I went back to college.  Reporting in front of the class is never a problem to me anymore, and answering essay-type examinations became very easy.  With the knowledge and skills I have acquired from AIEPRO, I was able to become the debate champion in our university for two straight years.

WilsonDebateMedalWhat makes AIEPRO different from other English schools in the country is that they don’t just teach English inside the four corners of the classroom, they facilitate learning using a unique approach.  Unlike the traditional educational method in the country where the teachers are the ones who do the talking, AIEPRO let the students do most of the talking with their different effective modules and activities.

The lesson that I really enjoyed was the Five Elements speech. I learned how to construct a good speech using the patterns and structures. I also wrote my essays in school using the Five Elements.

One of the best things about being an AIEPRO student is you don’t just learn English, you also develop lasting friendships.  Five years since I became a student, I am still in touch with many of my classmates and the Specialists of the institute.

Without the skills I have learned from AIEPRO, I won’t be able to become a champion debater in our university. Their modules on public speaking and critical thinking really helped me lead my team to victory in each debate rounds since I am always the prime minister and the team captain.  I was even awarded as the Best Speaker during my sophomore year.

WIlsonAIEPLogoI am thankful to AIEPRO because they geared me up with skills in communication. I was able to use those skills when I became a resource speaker in two debate seminars in our province. I am very certain that I am not the only student who was transformed by The American Institute; every student past or present surely has transforming stories to tell.


Learning English can help you in many different ways. Yes, that’s true! I enrolled in a 50-hour English course at the American Institute for English Proficiency to increase my confidence when it comes to public speaking.  Before I enrolled, I learned that The American Institute is a popular English language learning school with branches in Makati and Quezon City.  I saw on their Facebook page that many of their former students have given them a rating of 5 stars, and the reviews they have given the school meant they learned a lot and gained a lot of knowledge and personality development.

I remember my first day of my school.  I was so thrilled to go to school because I missed being a student again, and I love learning.  It feels so great not only because we learned new things every day, but also we got to meet new friends.  I chose to have English class every day.  We did many activities, including one of my favorites, where we read English dialogue to help us learn new phrases and analyze grammar.

There’s a saying by Dr. Seuss: “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”  For me, that means that learning is succeeding, and  that’s why i chose to continue studying at The American Institute because English is one of the most important things we need to become successful.  Here are some things I learned in the American Institute and how it helped me:

I’ve  experienced how important it is to speak English because I had foreigner classmates; learning English is going to help me connect with people from all cultures.  Some of my foreigner classmates are Spanish, Arab, Chinese, Mongolian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Japanese.  We had this house rule that we should speak English only and no speaking of other languages to toughen the conversation skill or else we have to pay 10 to 20 pesos as a penalty.  This was more than okay for me because it really helped me a lot to practice my speaking skill, and we really felt good about ourselves because we realized that we have what it takes to learn a new language.


Eventually, I realized that learning the language not only includes studying vocabulary and grammar, but also includes communicating with others and practicing continually.  In addition to memorizing terminologies and important things, we did a lot of activities and assignments.


careyBut like in mastering anything, learning English and becoming more confident involve learning, practicing, making mistakes, and picking yourself up again. It takes time, but most of all, it takes will power.  Day by day, I realized that I already gained confidence especially when it comes to public speaking because I was no longer as shy as I used to be.  Before attending courses at The American Institute, I always got nervous whenever many people were looking and paying too much attention to me.  On my first day at The American Institute, I was really afraid and shy, but because of my friendly teachers and classmates, I already learned how to overcome that weakness!


I feel that there is a satisfaction that comes with learning a language.  For the first time, I understand a movies in full, am reading books written by American, British, and other English speaking authors without needing the translated copy, and it feels so rewarding.  And I also notice that I can now listen to music in its original and untranslated form, which gives me a more authentic listening experience.  Now, songs tend to be better because I can truly understand them. 

During the English course I took this year, I have accomplished a variety of goals I once thought were unattainable. I have not only grown as
a student, but as a person as well. I feel that through my experience in these English courses, I have gained the knowledge and confidence it takes to step out into the real world.

I went through that hard time in life trying to learn English before I enrolled at The American Institute, but I know it was meant to be.  My colleagues and even my boss became more proud of me because they noticed that I’m getting better in speaking in English, especially when they tell me that I am more confident instead of hesitating and stammering.


The better your English is, the quicker and easier you can learn from all the great sources of English.  If you are a shy person just like I was, I highly recommend you to study in American Institute.  I gained a lot of knowledge that I will forever cherish and use to reach my goals.


I grew up in a poor family; both my mother and father stopped school at the elementary level. I grew up in a scary community where you could hear the cat calls of the “kanto boys” almost everyday. Growing up, when I hear someone speaking English, I told myself they either belong to a rich family or just have too much pride. I didn’t know that one day, it would become my weakness.

In college and when I already began working, English became a necessity. I remember how insecure and inferior I felt in those days when asked to speak in English, when I was working, and I needed to speak with my colleagues during conferences. It was such a memorable experiences because I almost collapsed and felt stomach ache, and was about to cry. When I got promoted from to territory manager and to district sales manager, I knew that it would be my problem again because it is part of my job to talk while my boss and subordinates listen either in a meeting, conferences, and lectures. The worst scenarios was when I delivered the opening remarks at workshops and conventions with the customers.

This year, my manager offered me a financial assistance to study English and public speaking at the American Institute for English Proficiency (AIEP) in Quezon City, where he knew Chris, the co-founder of AIEP since he used to attend PSG or Public Speaking and Grammar class three years ago. I was very excited when I first visited AIEP and met my classmates from different countries; I also met the Specialists: Reggie, Jay, and Liz.

It was a dream comes true for me which I didn’t expect. Even though I was enrolled for 20 hours only, it honestly changed me a lot. I can now present on the spot, and I learned to think critically and become confident when I speak in front of people.

I really thank my manager for giving me an opportunity to study in this prestigious institution as I conquered my fear of speaking in English with a high confidence level. Thank you AIEP-QC as these experiences contributed to my new perception in life that being a good speaker is not only the language for the rich and “social.” The experience at your school made me realize that I must continuously improve my personality and my English and communication skills. I am forever grateful.


You know that one day you woke up and realized that you can do something to make yourself better?  I often hear from most people that I know that they have this moment when they learned that they do need to improve, that they have a lot of things they still need to learn.

Like for myself when I got back from my internship from the U.S. , I saw my self craving to improve my communication skills, specifically in English, which reminds me of this quote from a pizza restaurant that I always remember, “Only dead fish swims with the flow.”  Like a fish that lived and learned to swim strong by knowing the struggles of enduring the current, we should use those struggling moments we had as a reflection of what is it in us that needs improving.

I will share to you, my three moments at the American Institute for English Proficiency (Quezon City branch) that helped me in my continuous evolution.

It was my first day, and I decided to enroll in the Saturday class.  As expected, I was asked to talked about myself, but what I didn’t expect is that I was given a topic, and I should discuss it in front of everyone.  I was nervous as usual, but it’s a good thing that I know a little bit about the topic which is “genetics.”  That moment, when I heard all the reviews from my instructor and other students, fueled my desire to learn and be in class every time.

And there was the time when I decided to attend the weekdays class.  I was given another topic because I was new with the class, and it was about “mastery.” Unlike before, I already had an experience, so I used what I learned from my Saturday class.  And there was again more things that were said to me that I didn’t even know I was missing all those time.  I thought I just enrolled to build a “hut of confidence,” enough to make my communication skills better, but they made me realize I could build even more.

Every time I remember AIEPro, it’s not just lectures, quizzes, speeches, and activities. I also remember one of the most important thing I gained, connections, connections that I built with my classmates and instructors that is strong, so strong that I don’t see it breakable.  We’re like islands connected with a bridge where we can send each others help to improve our own islands. This connection is what we call friendship.

These experiences at AIEPro contributed to who I am today and that is what I am so grateful about. People might say it’s just an institution, but here I am telling you to experience AIEPro and see for your self.





Forty hours of group class at the American Institute for English Prociency (AIEP) Quezon City branch gave me a lot of help.  Before starting, I was not that comfortable speaking in English in front of a crowd and also speaking to foreigners.  I remember how shy and nervous I was when we were told that the course is all about impromptu speech and presentations. It came to the point that I didn’t want to continue the remaining 30+ hours left.  But then, in every meeting, I could see that I got more and more comfortable speaking and that I get along well in class.

Studying at AIEP is a great way not just to learn how to speak fluently in English, but also to be confident.  I learned that being good in grammar isn’t enough when you don’t have the guts to speak in front of a crowd.  Confidence is a must. And when speaking, think of your audience, and don’t just focus on your speech, but keep in mind that there are people listening to you.  You must make sure that you got their attention.  Also, I learned that I should try not to be so serious when speaking.  It’s important to put a bit of wit.

Chris made a big impact in my life.  I’m so amazed by his brilliant mind.  The way he teaches in class is very different from the usual, and I must say he’s way better than all of the teachers and professors I had before.  I can’t thank Chris and AIEP enough.  The best! 🙂


English is fun. I felt it when I was studying English in Quezon City at the American Institute for English Proficiency, the best school to learn English.  At first, I was shy and timid.  Everyday I felt nervous on how to speak, especially in front of the class.  But as time passed by, the school helped me to boost my confidence.  I made friends with lots of people from different backgrounds and countries.  I’m happy and thankful for this school  because it does not discriminate someone because of religion.  There were many classmates with different religions, and we all got along.  The Specialists are open-minded and can be buddies with everyone.  If anyone wants to excel in English, choose AIEP!

At first, I was shy and timid.  Everyday I felt nervous on how to speak, especially in front of the class.  But as time passed by, the school helped me to boost my confidence.


Have you ever gotten in a situation where you made a decision but felt like backing out afterwards?  Or went to a new place where everyone was a complete stranger and spoke a different language?  What did you feel?  What did you do to overcome it?

I still remember the mixed feelings I had during my first day while entering the portals of The American Institute.  I can still picture myself totally nervous with trembling knees and shaking hands plus a cracking sound of voice.  I honestly wanted to call my father to come pick me up and tell him that I wanted to go home and just back out, maybe.  But I know feelings like these are normal, especially when you are about to get out of your comfort zone.

Not that I fear English, but what I am anxious about are the people I am going to be with all the time, the Specialists, and the activities that I was about to do, which includes public speaking!  What if I couldn’t answer the question or topic?  What if I become an outcast?  What if I make a fool out of myself?  But if I never try, I’ll never know. It’s a good thing that I tried. Because that’s when I realized I was very wrong.  My first assumptions were far from the reality.

I have never seen such a friendly and welcoming environment.  Everyone greeted me with a smile.  It calmed me down.  The students were friendly and were very helpful.  But what surprised me the most were the Specialists.  Before my classes, I pictured them to be strict, serious and well, creepy!  Don’t judge me, it’s what I always thought of teachers. But no, the specialists at The American Institute were funny, friendly, and they make learning really fun.  They motivate us to become better and inspire us to never be afraid to try out new things!  They teach English in a way students can easily understand.  I am glad I made the right decision.  To enroll, to stay, to study and to continue.

Studying here has helped me become a better speaker, and I owe it all to the Specialists who have put a lot of patience and hard work, who keep pushing each and every one to do more and to love what we are doing.  They have served as an inspiration and good motivators to strive harder and because of that, I am eternally grateful.

I am still enrolled at this preeminent Institute and attending here still excites me every time.  If you are reading this and not yet enrolled because of your doubts and fears of studying English, then maybe you should reconsider.  Why not come visit the American Institute to see for yourself?  You could be missing one of the most exciting chapters of your life.






When I was young, I never thought English could have a very important role, especially when you’re applying for a job.  Imagine, at my age, I still couldn’t speak English well.  I had good vocabulary, but the problem was that I rarely used the English language.  So I had decided to look for a school that would help me, and that is when I found AIEP.

This school is  amazing; the teachers are so accommodating and very friendly.  They helped improve my English and grammar a lot, and I became more confident.  Also, I found many friends from different countries, and they also helped me improve my speaking skill, since I had to constantly speak English with them.

I remember my very first day when I stood in front of the class and delivered my first impromptu speech.  It was so funny. My grammar was everywhere, and my accent was so bad, but that experience made me feel more eager to learn.  I always followed the advice of my teachers until now.

I never stop learning.  I know it’s not that easy to learn English very fast, but this school will surely help you to gain more confidence when speaking English.  If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.