You notice how we ask ourselves, “How do we become the best?” Well, basically speaking, we strive to become one. It would take hard work and patience to earn that dignity and pride. I can say, I am the best in my own domain, but not just me. There are a lot of people who became the best in their own ways.  I’ve had a lot of hardships along the way just to become the best. I remember my favorite quote in an animation film that I watched back in 2007, “Keep Moving Forward.” You guys might be wondering why. Honestly, it is when you are facing challenges and dilemmas in your life, you just can’t be all locked up in that nutshell. Always remind yourself to, “Keep Moving Forward.” When I was a kid, I could remember that I’m the only child in our family who didn’t speak English. That feeling when you are so embarrassed, and at the same time, afraid to speak up because you would end up being laughed at. To cut the story short, I’m letting you know some tips & tricks on how to become the best in what you do:

First of all, BE CONSISTENT. My point is whenever you are trying to learn a new language, let’s say English, we have to be consistent in studying, reading, writing, and speaking. Nothing is too hard if you keep your mind into it. Honestly, it took several years just for me to learn. Come to think of it, I thought I knew everything. But then, I found out about American Institute for English Proficiency, in short, AIEPRO. I just couldn’t count how many years I have been teaching different individuals with different walks of life. AIEPRO gave me more ideas on how to become a better speaker. It gave me more knowledge, confidence, and dignity. Basically speaking, AIEPRO teaches you how to be consistent in thinking and organizing your intellect. It also gives you the opportunity, and the courage to be the best.

Second, THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK. This company teaches you how to enhance your critical thinking skills. We change how you speak, and how you decipher every puzzle. What I am letting you know is that, remember those times when you are caught up in that embarrassing situation because you don’t know how to explain something. It means that you need to be keen and smart for you to answer fast, and accurate, so you would not let the cat get your tongue. I have spoken to a lot of students here at AIEP. I can tell you this, you will surely be amazed on how the used-to-be first timers here improved so well. They wouldn’t even speak at first. But like what I tell my students, “I want you to be crazy, but in a good way.” It is hard to speak up especially when you are just talking nonsense, right? So, make sure you THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK.

And lastly, there’s one more technique up my sleeve. I call it, “WINNING ATTITUDE.” We all need motivation in learning and that is one thing that AIEPRO is very proud of. We can give you tips & tricks on how to motivate yourself in learning more, and motivating yourself to have constant practice.In my experience, I need to have a good personality, where you can just entice anyone with how you deliver your speech, and making sure you are not hesitating in any manner. In my life, there were instances when I would just be negative about everything, just because I am not a good speaker, I’m bad with grammar, and I can’t even deliver good jokes. You need to have that goal in your mind that you can do it. The AIEPRO Family is always here to support you in all your endeavors towards learning the English Language. We never stop in showing all of you that we always need to win, and that we have to hold our head up high and be proud because you are studying in the best English institute. Never falter, and always prevail. That’s what I call having a winning attitude.

Sharing my views in becoming the best has given me fulfillment, not just in my mind, but also in my heart. Remind yourself every single day that, you need to be the best by, BEING CONSISTENT, THINKING BEFORE YOU SPEAK, and have a WINNING ATTITUDE. The moral here is that, you and I are all equal. Don’t just think about this just because you are obliged, or you need to. Make it your passion. Make it your future, and make it your goal. Come to think of it, if I may say, American Institute has given me more than just being consistent, or thinking before you speak, or having a winning attitude. It has given me the passion to share more knowledge. It has given me an outlook in life, and it showed me a goal that I need to be the best.