To many, learning is a drag.  Studying is hard.  School is boring.  While I agree that there are times when the education experience becomes difficult to bear, it is still up to the individual to compel himself to make it through.  Sure, an inspiring teacher or classmate would help; but what happens when the role model is not there to help you anymore?  Will you be able to help yourself?

As a student organization leader, the eldest of five children, manager, business owner, and community leader, I have observed so many instances when a member of the group, family, or company becomes uninspired.  And many times, I have been able to help these individuals.  There are only a few times, however,  where I have been unable to personally coach an individual to success.  And for me to grow as a better coach and mentor, I have to always evaluate myself and the situation.

Learning and success is sometimes so elusive that it seems that only a few individuals reach their goals.  Therefore, I’d like to share three things I have observed over the years why others make it and a few don’t:

  1. VALUE.  Many people do not have strong core values.  Because they do not have strong core values, they tend to change their minds easily.  They do not have a cause they are fighting more.  Here are some of the common values: family, God, money, career, justice, freedom.  The keyword here is “strong.”  Do you have very strong core values?  Do you have something worth fighting for?  Better yet, do you have something worth dying for?
  2. SACRIFICE.  Everyone wants something.  Sure, we all want to be successful.  Yes, don’t deny it; we want to have more money in our pockets.  Why not?  We can use it to buy the things we want and need: a nicer house, a nice car, and nice clothes.  Nothing wrong with that.  But what are you willing to sacrifice to get the things you want or need?  What distinguishes one successful person from one who is constantly struggling is the kind of sacrifice they are committing themselves to.Are you willing to commit more time?  More study time.  More practice time.  More time to get better.  Are you willing to commit more money to enhance your skills?  Are you willing to meet more people who can help you?  Are you really willing to sacrifice more time, more money, and more effort?  Are you?Your answer to the aforementioned questions will determine your success.
  3. EVALUATION.  Most people cannot evaluate themselves.  As a result, they will never know why they have failed or continue to fail.  This is where parents, older siblings, uncles and aunts, pastors and priests, and other experts come in.  The question is, whom can you trust to help you and evaluate your performance, behavior, and attitude.  Can you really trust yourself?  It becomes even more difficult when we really can’t find someone we can trust to help us get there.

We don’t have to fail.  Everyone has an opportunity to reach their dreams or achieve their goals in life.  Many of our students at the American Institute for English Proficiency ( have big dreams.  That is why they come to us.  They believe that we can help them improve their English, communication skills.  They believe that we can help them build their confidence and develop their critical thinking skills.  Our Specialists are not only English language trainers, but also mentors.  I, for one, have been mentoring many students since we first opened the institute seven years ago.  If you are looking to build your career, you need to be around people who can help you get there, around people who can inspire you.