American Institute for English Profiency, Makati and Quezon City, Philippines


The Philippines continues to attract foreigners to study English in the country.  According to the Philippine Immigration Bureau (BIR), the number of people applying for student visa has tripled in the last four years.

While English academies continue to mushroom, schools don’t always offer the same program and curriculum.  Some schools, like American Institute for English Proficiency, do not cater to foreign students alone. In fact, many of its students are Filipino professionals who want to better their English proficiency, and this heterogenous class is exactly what foreigners need.  So what do you get from learning with Filipinos?

Learn English Faster

While the best way to learn a language is to live in a country where English is a native language, studying with Filipino students, just like at AIEP,  gives foreigners an almost the same experience.

The Philippines hails itself as the fifth largest English speaking nation . Apart from the fact that the Philippines was a former colony of the US, Filipinos also watch plenty of films and TV shows in English, which are not dubbed in Filipino.  Even the medium of instruction at school is mostly in English making the Filipinos really well-versed in English.

Foreigners are compelled to improve their English faster when they join a class full of locals who can speak English fluently. They need to learn at a faster rate to keep up with them. At first it is challenging, but along the way, they learn a lot. They catch plenty of unfamiliar words and phrases that are commonly used in English conversation, and they learn to know the correct pronunciation of English words.

Changing or Gaining New Perspectives

Studying with Filipinos and other foreigners helps people broaden their world understanding and perspective on just about anything. Students gain a different view of political, moral and social issues. As they get to know their classmates, they gain new perspectives and have a more nuanced understanding of the world. They get better and deeper understanding and respect for other nations, knowing how another culture verge upon daily life and unfamiliar challenges.

Making New Contacts and Expanding Network

Many overseas students gain new friends or partners at school. After school, many students hang out for dinner, coffee or drinking. In addition, American Institute for English Proficiency has a lot of events like Sports Fest, Luau Party, Halloween Party, etc which likewise gives students to get to know other students and expand their network. Foreigners feel part of the family that even when they go back to their home country, they keep in touch with their Filipino friends forming lifelong friendships.

So if you think going to an English academy where most of the people from your country is an advantage, think again. It’s more fun in the Philippines, and it’s more fun to be with Filipinos.