In this modern generation, English and communication skills are two of the greatest weapons that one must posses when applying for a job.  Most of the companies today judge an applicant by the way they present themselves and the way they answer during interviews. Confidence is important, but it won’t be enough if you cannot express yourself properly.

During my high school days, I dreamed of being a degree holder.  Unfortunately, I only graduated in a vocational course and worked as a low-rank employee in a travel agency.  While working, I still wanted to pursue my dream of graduating from colleg, so I decided to study again and took a marketing course in a university in Mandaluyong.  Sadly, I had to stop when I was in mmy third year due to time conflict from work and school.  From then on, I tried to think of other alternatives to continue my education.

Back in 2013, I decided to apply as a call center agent because I believe this was the solution to finish my studies. I applied many times at different companies, but I was not able to pass even an  initial interview due to my poor English. One time, I heard from one of my colleagues that her favorite hobby is reading books, and she said it can enhance and sharpen her memory.  Reading books is not my type of activity because it’s kind of boring for me, but when it comes to fulfilling my ambition, I tried do it.

When I started reading books, I felt that it was very tiring because there were so many pages that I had to read in order to finish a book. I had read books from that day on, but I noticed that there was still something missing to improve my English.  That is, communication skills.

From then on, I tried to search on the internet if there were English schools that would help me solve my problem. I found out there were so many English schools here in the Philippines, and one of those is AIEPRO Makati.  I chose AIEPRO since it’s near my workplace, and it has good reviews on the internet. So, I saved my salary and enrolled in an afternoon and evening sessions.

During my first days at AIEPRO, I was really ashamed, and I was really scared. I was ashamed since I could not understand the lessons and scared because I couldn’t contribute properly during the discussions. I felt that I was an outcast since almost all of my classmates were foreigners and some of them knew each other already.  That was the time I had an inferiority complex, and there were days that I didn’t even want to go to class anymore.

I was about to give up during that moment, but then I thought about my future and how I could achieve my dreams if I couldn’t even survive it’s process. I told myself, “Marlou, you can do this; if other people can learn English well, why can’t you?” I motivated myself from then on, and I was able to conquer my fears, the fear in talking English with my classmates and the fear in presenting in front of the class. As days went by, I felt comfortable going to class, and I was able to contribute during class discussions.

AIEPRO helped me to meet and be inspired by successful people. One of those is Chris Delacruz, one of the co-founders of the institute. I idolized him from the first time I met him. He’s so good in teaching and your whole attention will be drawn to him.

I told myself that, hopefully I can be like him someday. One day, he made a proposal to me, he told me that he’ll give a scholarship to me at AIEPRO. I was so grateful to him because it was a big help to me. From that day on, I strived harder and harder in exchange for the opportunity that was given to me.

After eight months of being a part-time student, I resigned from my work and decided to be a full time student at AIEPRO. For four months, I attended day and night classes at AIEPRO, until one day, I decided to apply again at a call center. This time I already possessed confidence and was equipped with better communication skills.

Now, I’m one step away from my goal of finishing my studies, graduate from college, and become a degree holder.  And guess what, I’m already an employee in a call center in Makati.  AIEPRO is one of the most important reasons why my dreams are coming true, and I will forever be grateful.

Learning English is a continuous process, it’s either you love it or you leave it.