AIEP-UPEC Christmas Donation Drive for Bahay Aruga

With your support, we hope to raise enough funds by December 16 so we can provide our beneficiaries Christmas gifts such as essential kits, food supplies, toys, and the like. Aside from Bahay Aruga, we will also donate charity goods to some families of its nearby barangay, and we have already coordinated with the leaders there.

Chelsee Ponce Cruz Testimonial for AIEP

On my first days as an intern at AIEP, I did the marketing tasks for three days straight. I somehow enjoyed doing the tasks given by my supervisor; sometimes, it's hard because you are just facing the computer all day, but I have learned many new things from that experience. In the middle of my internship, I felt lucky

Brenna Munoz Testimonial for AIEP

Working as an intern at AIEP is a wonderful experience for me, knowing that it is an international institute, so their standards are high. Handling different tasks at the same time is also a game that is played at AIEP; stress, the good kind, will help you be better at doing your tasks. Expect that there will be no time