Brenna Munoz Testimonial for AIEP

Working as an intern at AIEP is a wonderful experience for me, knowing that it is an international institute, so their standards are high. Handling different tasks at the same time is also a game that is played at AIEP; stress, the good kind, will help you be better at doing your tasks. Expect that there will be no time for you to just sit and play around at the office because a lot work needs to be done.

Having Chris as a boss is a tough thing to handle because he doesn’t settle for less; you have to take risks and do your job well. To be honest, I found him intimidating at first. Well all of the people working for AIEP are, but I became a much stronger person because of them.  Chris is someone who is “chilled” and “sarcastic” but I get it.  That is his way to tell you that you can be better. And at the end of the day you will realize that all of it are really meant to be a part of working for an international company.