Teaching English is a Passion and Motivation

Lorale.aiepro.orgIf you’re wondering, what’s so special about AIEP to me? What keeps me going?

Well, most of our students say that everything seems so cool and fun in the school. Little do they know the real story behind the scenes, and the hard work we put up as a team. In class and in the front desk, we’re all smiles and laughter, just as in most companies. But when the clients are not around, unlike some companies, we become our own students as well. As specialists, we still continue learning and growing from each other.

Before I came to AIEP, I was a freelancer. I did all sorts of things that made me happy; teach English and music lessons, travelled to places, have sidelines here and there, among others. Until one time, I was invited by a friend to a Thanksgiving party at AIEP. I met a few common acquaintances there, and Vin, whom I’ve started networking with at that time, whom I had no idea was the co-founder of AIEP. When we got in, we were just in time to introduce ourselves and share what we were grateful for. After dinner and a few drinks, I saw another common friend of ours who happened to be the General Manager of AIEP, Chris. It was a lucky coincidence that we were English teachers. My friend jested that I should work here, and I played along saying “yeah, sure!” My friend said, “I think I saw the hiring post on FB.” Vin and Chris replied, “Yes, why not?” At first I thought it was the alcohol talking; I was actually getting referred by our common friend. The next business day, I got a text for an interview at AIEP and was asked to prepare a demo for a group class. On the first week of December, I got hired.  And the rest was history. I’ve become a part of the AIEP-family.

Now, four years later, here’s why I do what I do in AIEPRO:

English is Voice. As an English teacher, and a voice-modulator; English is my means of teaching. I’m able to apply my years of experience in teaching voice quality, intonation, and pronunciation. The proper way of speaking is similar to the proper way in singing. One of the signs of confidence comes from the use of your instrument, your voice. Many students don’t realize it until they get their speech assessed on their first day in class.

English is Social Life. Now for those who’ve met me in person, they’d say that I’m quite a chatty person. I love to laugh, I love to share experiences, and I love to mingle.  AIEP is a social school, and it holds annual events for the students to interact with other, build relations, and/or plan a business together. With my busy daily schedules from places to places, every day at AIEP is a socializing day. Our topics range from daily routines, to Business English, interview sessions, debates, speech presentations, and more. Our students learn from our specialists as well as the specialists learn from their students.

English is International. English, is without a doubt, the actual universal language. It is the world’s second largest native language, the official language in 70 countries, and AIEP happens to be the best English school for Filipinos and foreigners in the Philippines, and in ASIA! Since I was a child, English was the language I and family used at home. In school, I was exposed to different nationalities, cultures, traditions, and races. With that foundation, it gave me the privilege of easily making connections with our local and foreign students. We’ve had many students from different countries. Helping them achieve their goals in their communications skills, is a gratifying fulfillment.

So now you know why I do what I do in AIEP: It is a voice, my social life, and it is international. These are things that result to my passion, because it’s what I love to do. I love meeting new people, and it brings people together. Some students have asked me, “with your busy schedule, how do you keep up with everything?” Well my secret it simple! I compromise my time to do the things I enjoy doing.