American Institute for English Profiency, Makati and Quezon City, Philippines


Liz Orale or “Lizzie,” is a graduate of Bachelor of Science, with a major in Business Administration, and is an English Specialist of the American Institute for English Proficiency located in Quezon City and Makati.  She helps people achieve their full potential through English communication skills, training, business development, leadership, and personal development.

She was born and raised in Israel, and studied in an international school that gave her a solid foundation to be exposed to people of different nationalities, races, culture, and traditions, at a young age.  She’s also a voice modulator and a piano tutor, teaching music students from second to tertiary levels.  Music, arts, linguistics, and traveling have always been a big part of her passion in life.  She’s a people person, and what keeps her goal-driven is being part of people’s success and achievements in their career goals.  Get to know more about Lizzie.

  1. Skills and talents: Playing the piano, singing, cooking, and linguistics.
  2. Hobbies: Watch movies, travel, playing the piano, sing, cooking, and enjoy some solitude-time.
  3. Education and Training: BS Administrative Management, major in Management; Music and Arts, major in Piano; Vocational studies in tourism.
  4. Personal motto: “If you don’t know how to kill time, time will kill you.”
  5. Professional Philosophy: If you make people happy, it’ll boomerang a thousand folds.
  6. Traveling experiences and preferences: Israel, Middle East, Europe, and Asia.
  7. Favorites (Sports, movies, books, food, etc.) Volleyball, true-to-life based stories, comedy/drama, and action/comedy, suspense for both movies and books. Food: Middle Eastern food, American, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Oriental and Pinoy dishes. Pastries and desserts!
  8. Professional Experience: Vocal/voice modulation (8yrs), secondary/tertiary level English Tutorials (home-to-home based) (12yrs), new accounts officer and bank teller.
  9. Future hopes and goals: Business and Travel.
  10. Growing up memories: Growing up, my parents always made sure I had lots of extra-curricular activities and that I always interacted with people. They’d always enroll me into country clubs to be active and build my confidence. But one of the best experiences that taught me the real-deal about life was my independence after my dad passed away, moving to the Philippines, and starting fresh all on my own made me a strong person; it showed me what happiness truly means.