If you are looking for an English learning center with unique but effective approach in teaching English, well-experienced and friendly English specialists, and convenient classrooms or training rooms (plus, not to mention free coffee), then the AIEP is the place for you.

I was a recent graduate from DLSU-D when I joined AIEP. I felt that I needed to improve my fluency in English and build-up my confidence, in preparation for job search—that was why I decided to enroll to both of its private and group classes.  Using its different approaches in teaching English, I was trained effectively in American accent, writing, and grammar during my private class, C-Cubed (Critical Thinking, Conversational Fluency, Confidence Building) and speech during my group class.

I am currently working for Citibank as a collection officer. I am grateful to AIEP and its amazing team who helped me immensely in improving my fluency in English and building up my confidence, which are greatly needed to posses for this kind of job.

Cody Ching