Top 5 FREE Things to Do When You’re Bored During the Lockdown

Having no work, no money and being bored all at the same time is a deadly combination that could lead to insanity. So here, I got you! I would like to propose some activities that you can do for FREE or by spending less during this lockdown or home quarantine.

  1. Give Yourself Enough Sleep

Yes, you read it right. I am encouraging you to rest to fight boredom. This might sound unproductive, but understand that for most of us, we have been working for many years. During normal days, we have been slaves of our work.

We tend to sacrifice our sleep just to compete with the demands of our careers. Now, THIS IS YOUR TIME TO RECOVER AND ENJOY A COMPLETE REST. Once this COVID-19 pandemic is over, you will come back to your normal life with more energy and enthusiasm.

  1. Exercise Using Common Household Items

There is a way to burn those fats from this eat-sleep-eat routine that most of us have WITHOUT EVEN GOING TO THE GYM. Explore around your house and try to be creative in using regular household items as your gym equipment.

Bottles of water could be used as your dumbbells. Stairs can be used for cardio exercise. A bag, filled with whatever you want, can be used as an added weight while you do push-ups or jumping jacks. SURPRISE YOURSELF AS TO HOW MANY HOUSEHOLD ITEMS YOU COULD USE.

  1. Do the “Mary Kondo” Way

Start doing some general cleaning. You finally have the time to get rid of some old stuff in your closet and around your house. Borrowing the wisdom of Mary Kondo, get rid of whatever old and used items that DOES NOT SPARK JOY.

You can donate your old stuff to charities or to those who were severely affected by the lockdown and quarantine. This would be hitting two birds with one stone. While you are creating more space for new stuff, you are also helping the needy.

  1. Connect and Reconnect with Friends and Family

With this crisis, we are going through a very uncertain time. We do not know what is going to happen next. While we have the capacity and privilege, SPEND TIME WITH YOUR LOVED ONES.

Distance should never be an excuse. With our current technology, you can connect and reconnect with friends and family even from miles away.

Some of the them are worried about you, about themselves and about the future. A short message  from you can be more comforting and reassuring than you can imagine.

  1. Acquire and Develop New Skills

One thing is for sure, our situation right now is just temporary. It will be over and hopefully soon. Acquiring new skills and developing existing skills would give you an advantage from your colleagues.

A lot of experts in their own field are also at home with no or very little work to do. Some of them are hosting forums, conferences, and classes for FREE. Take advantage of those.

The American Institute for English Proficiency offers several online classes so that you can still feed your mind during these unprecedented times.  We offer LEO: Learn English Online.  We even have FREE AIEPRO Pop-up Sessions online.  All these courses can help you improve your critical thinking, grammar, confidence, and communications skills. STOP WISHING FOR THINGS TO GO BACK NORMAL. Come out of this as a better version of yourself.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: June Bermudez is a Chief Creative Closer at The American Institute.