This is a hard slap to the face of EDUCATORS who have been working hard to impart knowledge to their students. This is a bitter truth to PARENTS who have been trusting much to the education system. This is a sad reality to the STUDENTS and YOUNGER GENERATION who have been dreaming about a great future that they might not have anymore.

According to a research conducted by the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS), our senior high schools students are very poor in written English. It is evident in their reports and written outputs.

“Many of the teachers who responded to our study shared they have students who still lack the literacy and numeracy skills and English competencies required for SHS,” PIDS Consultant Karen Brillantes explained. Teachers, who participated in the research, vent-out their frustration on the difficulty in teaching students simply because the students cannot event construct a good English sentence.

THIS IS JUST THE START OF THE PROBLEM. Also in the same research, 25% of graduates believes that outdated skills learned in college are keeping them from landing a job. To boot, only 50% of graduates have jobs that matches their degrees even for jobs that requires a Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) License. What can we do to address this?


It is true that we are not in charge of the future, but the least we can do is to prepare ourselves and the next generation for it. The formal education system needs to put their stuff together in order to save the future generations. Some lapses and loopholes in the current system are detailed in the said research. It might take time. From another educator’s point of view, revamp in the curriculum would take years to say the least. If this is so, who can we turn to?

This is where ELS (English language schools), especially the American Institute for English Proficiency come into the picture. It is a common misconception that enrolling in a language school and other education institutes are just luxury. Now, it is quite evident that it is a necessity and could actually be very affordable.

Enrolling at an English language school would be a better investment now more than ever as it will yield a bigger return in the future. Your kids would be able to rise in the academic ranking. Your kids could then have higher chances in getting the jobs their desire.

SUMMER CLASS FOR YOUTH, better known as Communication Excellence for Youth, aims to help reach that goal. To give many opportunities, we are offering the program at 50% off. Your investment right now would be the most life changing decision you would do for your kids.  The impact would last a lifetime.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: June Bermudez is the Chief Creative Closer of AIEP.  Blogs written by students and staff members of AIEP do not represent the views of AIEP as a company.  These blogs were created for the self-expression of our students and staff.