I have no doubt that American Institute is one of the finest language school sfor English proficiency not only locally but also worldwide.  Each lesson is taught in a dynamic and interesting approach of learning English: group discussions, skill and talent portions, debates, and impromptu speeches.  The classes would never be as lively without the presence of the cool and friendly specialists who inspire you to believe and motivate yourself to your full potential and to reach your desired result. 

In this school, I  encountered different nationalities which gave me exposure to different knowledge, culture, and ideas, which widened my perspective; this experience gave me a global edge.  Beyond English, this school encourages you to be socially inclined.  They taught me that knowledge and wisdom are not only acquired from the thick books or institutions, but also through the variety of people that would share their life experiences.  And because of this, I’ve gotten more friends whom I really valued a lot.

I learned the fundamental tools in communication like grammar, writing, debate and public speaking in the most awesome way.  Now, I’m working in KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) as civil engineer, and I would say that AIEP has given me chance to defy the gravity of my past and to multiply the development of my personality and confidence, which are essential in both of my personal and professional growth.