Most people want to improve their communication skills, especially English.  But there are many different opinions on the best way to achieve this.  Some people say through academics.  Some say practical application.  Others say an environment where everyone is encouraged to learn and improve.  What better place to get all these than at the American Institute for English Proficiency.

Here, students are inspired by Specialists.  Most have been to or lived in North America.  Not only do students learn the different rules in English, they also get to apply what they learned through different activities like public speaking and conversations.  There are also numerous social events.  An actual social setting is a great way to practice your English, right?  So yes, you can improve your English academically, through practical application, and choosing an environment that encourages learning.  At AIEP, it is also about the culture.  English is our culture.

Let’s talk about culture for a moment.  One of the many reasons why Filipinos do not speak English well is that they lack the culture.  In other words, they do not have a lifestyle of speaking English.  At home, they speak their native language or dialect such as Filipino or Tagalog, Cebuano, Visayan, or Ilocano.  When they go to school or work, they speak in their native tongue again with their colleagues or classmates.  And when they go home, they are back to using English with their family. Simply put, there isn’t enough opportunity for Filipinos to practice their English.  In fact, as soon as they get home, they would rather watch Filipino programming.  There are a few lucky ones who are always interacting with others in English, such as in the call center or in a multinational firm that deals with clients from all over the world.

At the American Institute for English Proficiency, learning is not just in the classroom.  We provide opportunities for students to mingle in social events such as trips, parties, hang outs, and a lot more.  In fact, some of our students have become best friends, so they always encourage each other to speak in English.  If you can’t enroll at the American Institute yet, make sure that you find a network where you can build a culture and lifestyle of speaking English.