When I was young, I never thought English could have a very important role, especially when you’re applying for a job.  Imagine, at my age, I still couldn’t speak English well.  I had good vocabulary, but the problem was that I rarely used the English language.  So I had decided to look for a school that would help me, and that is when I found AIEP.

This school is  amazing; the teachers are so accommodating and very friendly.  They helped improve my English and grammar a lot, and I became more confident.  Also, I found many friends from different countries, and they also helped me improve my speaking skill, since I had to constantly speak English with them.

I remember my very first day when I stood in front of the class and delivered my first impromptu speech.  It was so funny. My grammar was everywhere, and my accent was so bad, but that experience made me feel more eager to learn.  I always followed the advice of my teachers until now.

I never stop learning.  I know it’s not that easy to learn English very fast, but this school will surely help you to gain more confidence when speaking English.  If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.