Short, but definitely worthwhile.

That is how I can put into words the experience I had at the American Institute for English Proficiency. I attended only a limited number of classes, but I can say that I’ve learned a lot. I stayed for only a short time, but I feel like I’ve been here forever.

I enrolled at the American Institute for English Proficiency to get a certificate in Communication Excellence as a requirement for a job I’m applying for. That was just the reason I had at first. All that I was thinking about was to just to finish the course and obtain the certificate so I can qualify to the position I’m applying for. I never thought that I was in for a rich and rewarding experience.

An International Learning Environment

The American Institute provides an international learning environment. As most of its students are foreigners, it affords you with the opportunity to test your English skills in conversing with people from different parts of the world. During my first day, I was amazed to see that most of my classmates were of different nationalities. There were Vietnamese, Japanese, Koreans, Spaniards, and Arabians. All of us had one goal: to be able to speak and write English better.

Well-Trained Specialists

What it says on the website is true: the American Institute has some of the best trainers or specialists. From the way they talk, to the way they conduct themselves in front of their students, AIEPro’s specialists are really amazing. They are experts on their field. They know what they are talking about, which makes them very effective. I noticed that in AEIPro, the specialists don’t just treat their students as just mere students. Instead, they look at them as friends and family. This gives students a sense of belongingness, making them more inspired to attend each class­.

Overcoming My Fear

I’m not a bad public speaker. Having worked in a call center before, I’ve already learned the basics of speaking English well. However, there’s this fear inside of me that hinders me from reaching my full potential when it comes to public speaking. As a result, I’ve refused many opportunities that would have helped me improve my skills, such as when I was invited to be the host for our company’s Christmas Party. AEIPro has helped me overcome my fear of speaking in front of many people. While I’m not over it “100 percent” yet, I can say that I’m slowly getting there.

Thank you, AEIPro for the short, but valuable experience. Continue to teach and inspire students to be the best they can be.

If you want to learn English in a fun and exciting way or improve your speaking and writing skills, I recommend enrolling in the American Institute for English Proficiency. You’ll definitely get more than what you will be paying for.