I have never thought that it was possible to learn in a pleasant environment, in an interesting company, without cramming. And most importantly, I have tried many times to learn English before in other school’s courses and lessons with many other teachers.  Nothing worked.  I knew a lot of words, but could not say anything, not until I took an English class at the American Institute for English Proficiency, Makati branch in the Philippines.

Once upon a time, foreign language was known only to the intelligent and rich people.  But that time is far in the past.  Now, English is necessary for almost everyone.  And for some people, English language course is the only way to mingle with people, and get a good, high- paying position.  English has become a means of international communication.  This confirms at least that the first question asked by a person in a foreign country: Do you speak English?

Many people who can speak English, often take more courses, which help them to maintain communication within the office and professional environment.  Furthermore, knowing English, you can travel freely and be fully confident in yourself and your security.  It certainly will help you to meet new friends, and chatting with them will not be a problem anymore, since you do not have to rely on hand gestures to get your message across.

I really enjoyed learning English at the American Institute of English Proficiency.  I liked the CX course, which allows you to learn language through the live communication on interesting topics with nice people from different countries.  I always admired the skill of the teachers, especially on their ability  to form groups and assign roles.  Every time I was there, it was done so well.  I think that there is no other method you can learn English so quickly.  If you ever wanted to improve your English quickly, here are some reasons you must learn English at AIEP: live communication on interesting topics, the teachers are very good and friendly, and there is a pleasant atmosphere in class.

Speaking English can be complicated and take a lot of time.  We can see that it is very valuable to speak in English because can create a lot of opportunities. The American Institute for English Proficiency helped me a lot, to speak freely and confidently with people from all over the world and to make new friends.  My English is much better now.  Thank you.