I’d love to share to the world what I have learned and experienced at AIEP.

When I just started, I was really nervous and a little scared, thinking how I could talk or speak in English, especially when my classmates seemed so professional.  Later on, I slowly found myself enjoying daily classes, the conversation, and the Five Elements exercise.  I met so many new friend, plus the specialists are so nice and friendly!

I was amazed that I became fearless, even if my English was not perfect!  I was able to join some activities, and my shyness and nervousness went away without my knowing.  I became active and believed that all my dreams was going to happen because I was already becoming more and more confident to face anything in my journey.

Now, I am living my dreams.  Thank you AIEP and the specialists, especially to Chris because I am who I am now because of what i have learned from him!  It was such an amazing experience!

Norjanah Billones