When I first stepped into the doors of the American Institute for English Proficiency, I felt nervous.  It was even more nerve-wracking when I saw that I would have classmates who are foreigners.  After a week or two,  AIEP, I must say, has become my second home.  I am so comfortable there now.  It’s where I learned a lot of things from writing to speaking, from thinking critically and debating.  This institute has not only taught me how to speak English better, but also values in life that I will be able to use in my lifetime.  After a couple of months of studying here, I could not imagine life without AIEP. The specialists will not just teach you English, but will also inspire and motivate you to do more.  And now, I am ready to face the world to apply and share the knowledge and values AIEP taught me.  Even if I have already completed my course, I sometimes give the institute a visit to say hello to the new students, of course, to my former specialists.


Hello AIEP Family,

I would never forget some of the best days of my life.  Yes, I spent the best days in all my life with my AIEP family.  Learning English was like living in a lovely house with them, instead of feeling like I was in school.  I learned the English language in fun ways. I hung out with my classmates and teachers who became my good friends.  We were always talking to each other in English in the class or out of the classroom.  I remember doing so many activities with them.  Every day, they have different ways to catch our attention so that we could learn more and enjoy at the same time.

It’s not fair to just say these things because you really have to experience what I’m talking about.  Thank you all for giving me so many good memories.  I will come back as soon as possible to be with you again my family.



When i first came to the Philippines, I wasn’t able to speak English at all.  At that time, I was looking for an English school to learn English, and I chose AIEP.  I remember that the first course I took up was the public speaking class.  It took me a while to get used to the new environment where everyone was already speaking English since most of my classmates were Filipinos.  It was so difficult for me that I almost quit.  But the more I attended, the more comfortable I became.  I am happy to say I am much better now, and I am already studying at Mapua Institute Technology.

If you are looking for an English school to improve your skills in speaking, reading, writing, or listening, I would suggest you inquire at AIEP.  At the end of the day, you will find it interesting to study at AIEP because you can make more friends and learn a lot new things, not only english but also how to improve your confidence. It’s more fun in the Philippines and a lot of fun studying at AIEP.


American Institute for English Proficiency (AIEPRO) is not only a great place to lear­n English. It is also a great place to meet many interesting people and get new­ friends.  I am from Tajikistan, and when I started at The American Institute, I kn­ew little English and was totally new to Manila.  Just in a month time, I could st­art speaking and understood English much better.  ­ My tutors helped me overcome my initial shy­ness, and they also taught me a lot about lif­e in the Philippines.  And most importantly, my classmates became my real friends for life.­  It was a really great experience and fun ­at AEIPRO.


I’d love to share to the world what I have learned and experienced at AIEP.

When I just started, I was really nervous and a little scared, thinking how I could talk or speak in English, especially when my classmates seemed so professional.  Later on, I slowly found myself enjoying daily classes, the conversation, and the Five Elements exercise.  I met so many new friend, plus the specialists are so nice and friendly!

I was amazed that I became fearless, even if my English was not perfect!  I was able to join some activities, and my shyness and nervousness went away without my knowing.  I became active and believed that all my dreams was going to happen because I was already becoming more and more confident to face anything in my journey.

Now, I am living my dreams.  Thank you AIEP and the specialists, especially to Chris because I am who I am now because of what i have learned from him!  It was such an amazing experience!

Norjanah Billones


Simply put, AIEP is one of the best schools I have ever attended. The teachers are professional, very friendly, and ethical individuals.  Their passion for teaching is evident in their delivery, style, technique and patience. More importantly, they are truly caring about the well-being of each and every student.  It has the perfect balance of structure and friendship.  And one more thing that I would cherish during my stay in school is the friendship that I have developed with my classmates, and these guys are not only from here, but also from around the world.  Iʼm in the retail industry as MIS System Development Supervisor; now presenting the new software developments I created is just a piece of cake.  And so, to the American Institute, I want to thank you!  I have been recommending AIEP to my friends and my colleagues.  This school really rocks!  Iʼm so proud to be a part of AIEP family.


If you are looking for an English learning center with unique but effective approach in teaching English, well-experienced and friendly English specialists, and convenient classrooms or training rooms (plus, not to mention free coffee), then the AIEP is the place for you.

I was a recent graduate from DLSU-D when I joined AIEP. I felt that I needed to improve my fluency in English and build-up my confidence, in preparation for job search—that was why I decided to enroll to both of its private and group classes.  Using its different approaches in teaching English, I was trained effectively in American accent, writing, and grammar during my private class, C-Cubed (Critical Thinking, Conversational Fluency, Confidence Building) and speech during my group class.

I am currently working for Citibank as a collection officer. I am grateful to AIEP and its amazing team who helped me immensely in improving my fluency in English and building up my confidence, which are greatly needed to posses for this kind of job.

Cody Ching


To sir Christopher Delacruz,

Taking the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) without attending a review class can be difficult.  The four modules of the English test are reading, writing, listening and speaking, and you have to understand clearly and pass the requirements of each module on a specified time limit.   I have known some people who failed because they are too self-confident.

To prepare myself for the IELTS, I have attended other review centers, but I did not become confident until I tried the tutorial of The American Institute.  I liked the way I was guided on every aspect of the examination. I passed the IELTS immediately after I finished the tutorial.

I highly recommend the Institute to everyone who wants to prepare themselves for an English Test.

Edgar Maluyo