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Atomic Habits by James Clear

This season of lockdown, I prefer to commit myself to productive stuff such as reading books. It’s my delight to share with you the insights I learned from the book “Atomic Habits”. Are you tired of living with your bad habits and having no control over them? How can you make change as easy as possible?

Vocabulary Development During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As we scroll up and down our Facebook wall, read an online article, or converse with our colleagues and loved ones, we may come across words that may not be very familiar to us.  Due to this situation we’re in, where the world almost stops, we are abound with new vocabulary, buzzwords, newly coined phrases, and scientific terminologies.

Rose De Boda Testimonial for AIEP

Chris Delacruz is one of the people I truly admire. In the 3 months I’ve had Chris as my boss, there is no doubt that I have learned so much more than what I did in some of the companies I previously worked with. Chris teaches not only English, but also lessons that are useful not just in one’s career…


The American Institute for English Proficiency can help you improve your English vocabulary.  It’s good to know, therefore, that English borrows a lot from different languages.  One such language is Greek. How did this happen?  Well, in 331 BC the Greek-speaking King of Macedonia, Alexander the Great, conquered many of the lands…

What is Yiddish?

The English language commonly adopts a lot of vocabulary from other languages. The U.S.A. is a country made of immigrants from all over the earth. Consequently, many terms from the variety of languages of these one-time newcomers have been borrowed into American usage. One of these tongues is Yiddish.

AIEP Christmas Party 2019

One thing so great about Christmas is that it lets you forget the worries of the past year as it brings a renewed sense of hope.  It is a time when families and friends get together to let go of whatever difficulties they have gone through and to just appreciate one another.

AIEP Co-founder Paulo Magbuhos Guest Speaker at

On December 13, 2016, American Institute for English Proficiency co-founder, Paulo Valentino Magbuhos, or Vin as he is commonly called at AIEP, was invited by Chiang Kai Shek College to present to the business administration students the topic, “Challenges of being an Entrepreneur.” In his presentation, Vin discussed capital and how and where to get […]

Lessons about Islam from Muslim Students in AIEP

At the American Institute for English Proficiency, we get students coming from the Middle-East, and all of them are Muslims. I have always been so curious about religions other than my own and not in a way that I’d subject it to comparison. I just enjoy learning that way. Fortunately, The students were very happy…

Learning English through Television

I grew up in a home where English is not an everyday thing. My parents only spoke the language when they were talking to visitors from other countries, and I would only have to think in English when I was playing video games on my old Play Station because all the games I had are in English; though, it would be nice to…

Common Misconceptions of a Filipino English Speaker

When I was growing up, I noticed that many Filipinos react to English in the most peculiar way. Although it wasn’t my first spoken language, I never saw it as something other than just another language when I was young. I actually grew up in a Tagalog-speaking environment, but English was spoken from time to time…

Learning Figurative Language Using a Rap Song

Figurative language is something you can use to be more expressive or be more creative in writing songs, poems, or even stories. There are many things where you can apply it in, and many even use it without being aware of it. Learning the different kinds of figurative languages can develop a person into…

Ten Ways to Use the Comma

Commas are tricky things. They have many purposes in writing, but people seem to use them incorrectly from time to time. I can’t blame anyone because there is just a lot of rules to follow when it comes to this particular punctuation mark. So today, I figured that I’d share some ways on how to use it…