L to R: Carla, Russ, Liz, Flo, and Rosie (current/former Specialists of AIEP Co.)

Chances are, you’ve been wanting to build your confidence for a while.

You have been wanting to improve your English and communication skills for some time.  You wished your grammar is much better today.  You dreamed of speaking confidently.

Unfortunately, you either had no time or no patience.  Perhaps your schedules conflicted.  Maybe you could not afford it.

Well now, here’s your chance to finally get the confidence you deserve.  We are currently offering our biggest PROMOS ever.

PHP 1,000 instead of PHP 11,995.  That’s a 92% discount! That comes with a 120-hour equivalent program for three (3) months and a TESDA certificate.

Pictured: Vin and Wyn (Former/current Specialists of AIEP Co.)

Communication Excellence – Self-Paced

Welcome to Communication Excellence Self-Paced (CXS) Online Training Program! This course is designed to enhance the four macro skills in the English language in accordance with the prevailing standards in the Technical-Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector. This encompasses competencies required in communicating using the English language in the workplace.  


At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Improve communication syntax and accuracy (Basic Competency)
  • Communicate actively and use paralanguage (Common Competency)
  • Use essential productive skills used in workplace (Core Competency)

SPECIAL NOTE: This is a self-paced, virtual class consisting of modules, lessons, activities, audio, and video via our online portal.  This is NOT led by a teacher, but ASYNCHRONOUS learning.  This means that you will have access to all the material based on your own schedule.

What is really great about this program is that you cannot access the next modules unless you pass the quizzes at the end of the lesson.  That means that you really get to learn the lessons.  We call that ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!

If you would like to have a teacher-led class, you may check out our other courses here: LEO – Learn English Online CWIG, PSE, CXL.

This special discount is being offered at an introductory rate.  That means it will be offered at this special price only once.  For Php 695 instead of Php 9,995 and an unlimited access for three months, you can’t go wrong, so make sure you avail yourself of this comprehensive English course today.


We offer a TESDA accredited program, which means that your certificate is not only locally but also internationally recognized.  You can use your certificate to inform your employer that you went through a valid comprehensive training that has been fully reviewed, recognized, and accredited by the Philippine government through TESDA.


This is an ASYNCHRONOUS program.  What this means is that it is self-paced, and you work on the modules one by one, passing all the quizzes and exams to get you to the next modules.  You will not be able to access the other modules until you pass the required tests to unlock the next lesson.

This ensures that you will be learning the lessons properly!

You can work at your own pace any time, any day for 3 months or 90 days.

If you would also like to have LIVE training with a Specialist, we offer two other programs: LEO (Learn English Online via Zoom) and F2F (Face to Face at our office at Ascott Hotel Makati).  You can also choose two different settings: private or group or even both.

Here are just a few of the modules you will be learning:

 Grammar and Writing
 Types of Sentences and The Sentence Structures
 Dependent and Independent Clauses
 Verb Tenses in the Active Form
 Subject-Verb Agreement
 Prepositions and Punctuations
 Phrases and Conjunctions
 Business Correspondence
 Standardized American Accent
 Pronunciation, Liaison, and Intonation
 Commonly Mispronounced Words
 Conversation Fluency
 Critical Thinking
 Confidence Building
 Public Speaking
 Interview Strategies
 And so much more…

I learned more than what I expected to learn in a short span of time, such as becoming more independent, dynamic, and assertiveness.  Ultimately, I have learned that result is more valuable than effort.  What I liked about AIEP, other than learning English, is the whole experience: the people, the diversity, and seeing the progress of other students.

KM CorpuzAccount Manager

I’ve learned how to deal with every situation, especially when it comes to problem solving and talking to foreigners from different countries. I was able to learn their culture and become friends with them. What I liked the most being at AIEP is that I was able to express what I felt and what I wanted. People are always there to help you whenever you need help.

Edmond ApoloMarketing ManagerThe Five Elements Online Magazine

There are so many things I’ve learned as a student first and then as an employee of the American Institute for English Proficiency.  I went from being unemployed in my province to working as a marketing manager in Makati.  I’ve learned to manage others in addition to developing my confidence and English skills.

Leah ArmadaMarketing ManagerThe Five Elements Online Magazine

I’ve learned how to be tough enough to deal with different persons in professional ways with the help of AIEP.  What I’ve liked the most being at AIEP is I found my true self and able to express what I want to say without hesitating because I know we are all professionals here.

Rosdom CapellanMarketing Specialist